A Top Priority for Syracuse

Syracuse picked up a lot of wide receivers in the Class of 2011, so when an offer went out to Sound Bend, Ind., native David Perkins, Orange fans understandably thought he might be at the top of their charts at the position for this year. After interviewing him on Tuesday, we found out otherwise.

Washington High School wide receiver David Perkins has already picked up multiple scholarship offers and one school that the 6-foot-2, 210-pound athlete is very high on is Syracuse. He talked about the Orange on Monday night with us and told us why he likes them coming out of the gates in his recruitment.

"I like Syracuse a lot as they're an up and coming program in the Big East," Perkins said. "They actually offered me as a running back and they're a running team, so that's good. Coach (Tyrone) Wheatley has told me that I'm definitely a top priority for their 2012 class and no matter who else comes and offers Syracuse is probably still going to be at the top of my list."

"I'm really looking forward to visiting them next season for an official visit and I'll be paying attention to them during the year," Perkins added. "I like the coaching staff a lot. I've talked to a few members of the staff and they all come off as great people. I love Coach Wheatley because it's like talking to a brother when he visits or calls me."

As a junior, Perkins carried the ball 85 times for 783 yards and also had 10 catches for 180 yards on offense. On defense, he registered 21 tackles for loss and 13 sacks.

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