"Country Boy"

Rodney Singleton is an athlete from Hawthorne, Fla., who Syracuse has offered and SyracuseFan.com spoke to him on Friday and found out that this young man might be in for a little bit of culture shock when he visits the campus, especially if he comes in the winter.

Rodney Singleton plays both wide receiver and safety for Hawthorne High School and right now the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder says he isn't sure which side of the ball Syracuse wants him to play on, however he did talk to us about who is recruiting him and what he's looking forward to learning when he visits the school.

"Syracuse came down to see me in person and they were pleased because I was bigger in person than they thought I was," Singleton said. "Coach (Jimmy) Brumbaugh is recruiting me and we talked a little bit about me coming up to some of the camps that they're having."

"I'm most likely going to go up and visit, but I have to get together with my dad and my coach to figure out when I can get up there since it's so far away," Singleton stated. "It will either be this summer or in the fall for an official. It could also be both."

We asked Singleton what he knew about the Orange.

"I know they're up there in New York and a solid Big East program, but I'm not very familiar with them as they don't show them on TV down here in Florida," Singleton explained. "I haven't ever even seen snow, so I'm a country boy man. I do know they have great traditions with some excellent players and they also play in a dome, so I wouldn't have to worry about playing in that cold weather because I like to stay warm."

"I do need to learn about their academics when I go up. When I go up I just want to see what the New York lifestyle is like because I've never been up North before. Virginia is the furthest north I've ever been and that was in fifth grade, so going up to Syracuse is definitely going to be different for me."

Even though Singleton jokes about never seeing the snow, he told us that he does want to explore and experience new things at the next level, so distance won't play any factor in his decision, nor will the weather.

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