Big Change With Walls talked to Lakeith Walls on Wednesday evening who has been really high on the Orange throughout the process, however we found out that things have changed with his recruitment and it has affected where they sit in the pecking order for his services.

James Ford Rhodes High School athlete Lakeith Walls has always spoken very highly of both Syracuse and Tyrone Wheatley, so much so that we thought he may be the Orange's next commitment. On Wednesday, we learned that the 6-foot-4, 200-pounder is now singing a different tune.

"I'm going through a position change with Syracuse now," Walls said. "Coach (Tyrone) Wheatley said that when he got off the road he went back to the school and a defensive coach overruled him and said that they needed players on the defensive side of the ball, so now they want me to play outside linebacker."

"I guess if it would be to help the team I'd be willing to do it, but honestly I'm an offensive minded person first," Walls explained. "The thing that I loved about Coach Wheatley was that he showed faith in me as a running back when other schools weren't, but I guess that won't be happening now."

We asked Walls to give us an honest answer on what this does to Syracuse's chances.

"Syracuse was really, really, really high before I found this out. When I found out about my Syracuse offer I talked to my parents and coaches and we all thought I should make an early commitment which could have been coming. Now that this has happened, everything has to be re-evaluated. I can't say where they are, but I'll just keep working hard and trim down my list with Syracuse in the rest of the group. Coach Wheatley really made them stand out, but now it's really just an even playing field. Syracuse is still a great school, but now I have to look a lot deeper into it. It was definitely disappointing news."

As a junior, Walls carried the ball 100 times for 1270 yards and 22 touchdowns in 10 games. He was named first-team All-City.

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