Coach Speak: Harold Brantley has confirmed through Hershey High School Head Coach Mark Painter that defensive lineman Harold Brantley has committed to the Orange and talked a bit about his star player with us.

The Orange got a commitment from Hershey, Pa., defensive tackle Harold Brantley on Wednesday and after talking to his Head Coach Mark Painter, it sounds like they're acquiring a young man who has a lot of upside to offer.

"Harold is a very explosive young man who is just starting to mature and is very, very athletic," Painter explained. "He is very cognizant about how he plays and what he does on the field and has a high motor and works hard."

"Also, you've got a 6-foot-3, 280-pound kid running a 4.8 40-yard dash that we line up at fullback and hand the ball to here," Painter said. "He's not just a blocker, he can do things with the ball and like I said, he's really athletic. I don't see him as a nose guard, but I think he can play three technique or even five-technique depending on what their needs are up there."

"He's also one of, if not the best basketball players on our team and we have a good basketball team," Painter added. "Syracuse is getting a really good athlete. I'm just very anxious to see what he does when he can focus solely on football instead of what he's doing now which is playing three sports with football, basketball and running track."

Painter's son gave a much more concise, but effective description of the defensive tackle…

"He's a beast!"

We hope he is young man; we hope he is.

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