Davis' long rehab nearing its end

After missing the bulk of the 2010 season and all of 2011 at Milford Academy with a torn ACL, Syracuse linebacker commit Myles Davis is hungry to return to action. He has rehabbed since October in order to be able to make it to campus by the Spring.

Myles Davis had some solid reviews when he was coming out of Penn Hills High School (Pittsburgh, Pa) in 2010, earning a three-star ranking after his senior season. But it took three surgeries and extensive rehab work to get to a workable point, and he continues to inch closer towards a return to the field. Doctors may give him the clearance to train at full-speed as early as this week.

The 6-foot, 215-pund specimen made a mark early in his time at Milford, registering 6 ½ tackles for a loss in just over three games of action before suffering the injury. Since then, he said he is bigger and faster, with a new view on football. With that, he has a message for SU fans.

"When I come back I'm coming back harder than ever before," Davis said profoundly. "Being away from football this long made me appreciate the game, and there will be no taking plays off."

Davis has been committed to the Orange for over two years, and he anticipates being 100 percent by the time Spring football begins in January. He will return as a more focused player, though his top-notch instincts won't be far behind.

"I am more prepared mentally...I was a wild player back then," Davis said. "I was trying to be a one-man team. The time off made me stronger both mentally and physically."

The long road back

Doctors initially instructed Davis to work on his quad strength primarily, to compensate for the knee's stability. Since then, he has been working on cardiovascular strength to begin the process of getting back into game-shape. Davis has upped the intensity recently, working on explosive motions like the leg press. He never allowed his upper body to suffer in the process of his inability to use his legs at full strength, and he said he is stronger than ever.

The versatile LB was at Syracuse's overtime win over Toledo, and it only made him want to accelerate the rehab process.

"(It) Just made me feel like I wanted to be on the field so I can make an impact," he said.

But the most satisfying tone from Davis came when he spoke of the repaired knee, saying everything felt like it was back to normal.

"(I have) Absolutely no pain in my knee," he said. "It feels like a regular knee."

Davis is not worried about the time away from the game in terms of his on-field ability either – saying that the game is like riding a bike.

"The plays change, but it's still football."

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