HC: ‘We can't let one loss lead to another'

Still reeling from a tough 19-16 overtime loss to Rutgers, Syracuse coach Doug Marrone focused on some positives as the team begins preparations for Saturday's game at Tulane.

SU football coach Doug Marrone admitted that the loss to Rutgers still stings, and that the team has much work to do in order to beat Tulane on Saturday. But he took another look back at the overtime defeat, and spoke about what to make of the team afterward.

"The message that I told the players (after the game) was: ‘We can't let one loss lead to another,'" Marrone said Monday morning. "We have to find a way to get a level of focus about ourselves, to go out there and work hard – which we will."


Marrone gave some injury updates as well, and most of the news is good. DE Chandler Jones will be evaluated on Tuesday by team doctors, and his status will be known shortly after. Injured DBs Shamarko Thomas and Orlando Fisher returned to practice Monday evening, in a limited role. Both players may see more practice time as the week progresses.

"We came out of the game pretty good," he said refereeing to injuries during the last game.

The only down-side of the injury situation is that Prince-Tyson Gulley is out for the season because of the surgery to repair a broken clavicle. Marrone confirmed his status during the session.

Field Goal woes Marrone addressed what he saw on film on the two blocked field goals from Saturday. It came down to overcompensation as the offensive lineman blocked inside-out, leaving the tight end vulnerable considering he was responsible for two rushers. The staff examined the plays further, and came up what they think could be the solution.

"We'll switch them," Marrone said, referring to the interior lineman. "We'll interlock our tight end, so he has one movement instead of two."

The changes are expected to decrease the time of the kick by one-one-hundredth of a second, according to the coach.

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