Big East: Alive as ever

I'm shocked. I'm sitting in my chair and my knees feel weak. It's the end of the Big East? Apparently, that's what a previous article on this site says. Apparently, the ACC is going to, "swoop down," and "steal" Miami and Syracuse away from the Big East. Apparently, the Big East is now, "uncool."

Here's my response to Wes Cheng's article and everything I thought of when I read his piece. (Disclaimer: This is more of a response to Cheng's article than anything else. There are certainly more points why the 'Cuse should stay put.)

Here's my top 5 reasons why Miami, Syracuse and Boston College should keep with the Big East.

1) Pitt/W. Va./Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech has been a football power. Pitt and West Virginia enjoyed breakthrough seasons. The ACC's football conference is a one-headed monster: Florida State.

2) Location: Traveling is a huge issue. Trips down to Florida State, Clemson and even Duke are going to slow the Orangemen down. Syracuse is in the northeast, and should keep playing schools within its own region.

3) Recently speaking: Men's NCAA and NIT champs. Women's NCAA champs. ‘Nuff said.

4) ACC-Big East Hoops Lore: The ACC is perhaps the most overrated conference in the country. It's a two-team conference with Maryland and Duke slugging it out each year to see who can advance the farthest. No one cares about Clemson coming to the Carrier Dome to get creamed by Syracuse.

5) Statistically: Every Big East team advanced to the Sweet 16 this year. That's more than anyone can say for No. 2 Wake Forest. In fact, the Big East has tallied more Sweet 16 bids in the past five years than the ACC. How interesting.

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