SU Safeties Look for Rebound

There were many reasons Syracuse fell short last week in Louisville, and the defense shares some of the blame with an ineffective offense. At the forefront were safeties Shamrko and PhillipThomas, who have yet to play on the same page consistently.

Phillip Thomas appeared to be out of position when Louisville completed a big pass on the way to its initial score last week, he later admitted he was. Shamarko Thomas missed a tackle that appeared to be the dagger for any Syracuse rally, it was.

This is something we've seldom seen this season from the Thomas' (no relation), especially in the same game. From the moment the game was over, both back-end specialists remained positive and focused on what needs to be done.

"We know we didn't execute as much as we were supposed to," P.Thomas said. "But we continue to play hard as a defense."

During the week leading up to the game on Saturday against Connecticut, S. Thomas echoed the comments and the cause of the lapse.

"The communication was bad at first," he admitted when thinking about the early stages of the loss. "Then everything started clicking…"

"Me and Phillip Thomas need to learn to read our keys better."

Both safeties added that the play-action was a killer last week, and it will be utilized again to keep the defense honest. However, it is not just physical problems the defense has dealt with. On the first drive, a handful of penalties aided the Cardinals attack.

"We have got to play smarter," P.Thomas said. "(Committing penalties) is not Orangemen football."

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