Pregame Buzz: USF at SU

It hasn't been hard to notice the kicking woes of Ross Krautman of late. His field goals are a coin flip, his kickoffs aren't deep and he had to sprint on kick coverage last week while nursing a groin issue. Expect some changes tonight against South Florida.

A source close to the Orange told late Thursday that Krautman will only handle the field goal duties on Friday against South Florida. Shane Raupers will handle at least the primary kickoff, though another kicker is in the mix.

It appears as if Dan Summers, a senior member of the Orange soccer team, will get a crack at some kickoffs if Raupers is not effective on the first try. Summers, who is from England, has reportedly never taken in a football game as a spectator or fan prior to this week. During a Wednesday kicking completion, the source revealed, Summers out-dueled Raupers head to head in length of kickoffs.

Raupers has not been on hand for a single kickoff this season, though he has seen action as a punter on 21 occasions. With the struggles of Jonathan Fisher last week, coach Doug Marrone hinted that the two will compete all week.

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