A Fourth Accuser?

Upon listening to local radio in Syracuse, a representative of a sexual abuse recovery program told The Score 1260's Brent Axe that a fourth victim has come forward in the Bernie Fine scandal.

Father Robert M. Hoatson, a former priest, head up Road to Recovery. It is an organization that provides a voice to people who are recovering from sexual abuse.

Hoatson told Syracuse radio host Brent Axe early Tuesday, while he was on a radio show in Cleveland to discuss the latest on the hot-button issue, that a fourth victim has come to the organization in the Bernie Fine scandal.

Fine is the former assistant coach at SU who was fired on Sunday in light of the sexual abuse allegations against him.

Axe explained on his radio show "On the Block" that Hoatson said an alleged victim of Fine's sought his help recently. Hoatson said that the alleged victim had not gone to authorities at the time, though Axe has since added that Hoatson relayed to him that the victim has sought the help of professionals.

To which authorities the alleged victim south out, neither Axe nor Hoatson know.

Axe re-iterated the fact that the credibility of the source is the public's to determine, and that he was simply re-laying the message.

The information should be considered interesting, though not very credible for now.

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