Responses to the Big East

I've gotten a lot of e-mail in regards to my article, "Big East: As good as gone," on May 19th. I'm going to open up the mailbag and get back to some comments in response to my piece.

How can you compare SU playing Duke and Carolina to Va. Tech and Rutgers? How about Clemson and Florida St.? That would be a fair comparison. You are painting an entirely different picture to your readership.
- Anthony

I think that Duke and UNC coming to the Dome would capture the imagination, even more than the current day Georgetown-Syracuse matchup. At the very top of the Big East is Pitt, ND and UConn. I think these teams are very good, but I think that Maryland, Duke and UNC would draw more national attention.

Talking trash about Rutgers? The last time the Orangemen came to the RAC, they walked out with an ‘L'. Don't forget that.
- Carey

Point well taken! I'm a huge fan of the RAC – it's a great arena that gets so loud, the walls begin to shake. I also have a lot of respect for Rutgers and pull for them ever year, but they're not Duke.

Do you watch Big East college basketball? If you do, you must be watching a completely different sport than what I have been watching. In the mid 90's I watched Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Kerry Kittles, and John Wallace light up Madison Square Garden. In the late 80's/early 90's Mutombo and Mourning of Georgetown battled other NCAA title contenders like Seton Hall and Syracuse. And even before that, I watched the Big East Conference dominate the entire decade of the 1980's.

Hi there,
I couldn't agree more that the matchups in the mid 90s were great. I enjoyed watching Iverson, Kittles and Allen play, and I enjoyed watching them establish themselves as one of the great basketball conferences of the era. Let me stress "of the era." In the past few years, UConn and, until this year, Syracuse have been the only legit contenders (accounting for 2 of the last 5, not 4, championships).

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