Ashton Arrives on Campus

After taking a detour to major college football by going to Milford Academy, Ashton Broyld has arrived on campus at Syracuse – ready to make the jump to the college life on and off the field.

"It's about time," Ashton Broyld said on Sunday less than two hours after he moved into his room at Syracuse University.

The former Rush Henrietta (NY) and Milford Academy standout is eager to begin the complex life that most student-athletes go through, only he took a different route to Central New York.

"It's college prepatory and it teaches us how to be patient," Broyld said of Milford. "The way it's set up is built for us to appreciate everything when we come out of there.

"As long as I get into school, I will be satisfied leaving Milford."

The 6-foot-3, 235-pound athlete is now considered satisfied, though he knows the balance of school and football during the road ahead won't be an easy one.

"First and foremost I'm just trying to get acclimated to the system," he said before re-hashing his thoughts. "I'm ready for school, that's my main focus right now.

"School is the most serious, everything else falls in place."

The everything else the talented Broyld is referring to is football. Like his time on campus, where he stands on the field is a new process that will take some adjusting to. He was recruited as a quarterback out of high school and remained under center at Milford, but he was a runner as many times as he was a passer.

There has been talk of the four-star prospect at tight end, wide receiver and even linebacker, but Broyld will get an initial look at the position he has envisioned himself at while wearing orange and blue.

"I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get my shot (to play quarterback)," he said. "And when I get it, I'm going to capitalize."

While the unconventional stop at Milford teaches discipline and routine, it also helped Broyld as a signal-caller – as he accounted for nearly 1,000 total yards and double-digit touchdowns despite being a part of a quarterback rotation.

"I think I got smarter (at Milford)," said Broyld. "Just knowing the game a little bit better, understanding angles a little bit better."

If the chance to be a signal-caller is something that is short-lived, the athletic Broyld has options – and a preference. < p> "I need the ball in my hands, but If I were to switch to the other side of the ball – I'm thinking safety," he admitted. "A lot of people list me as an outside linebacker, but I prefer safety."

No matter where Broyld ends up on the field, he has an extra semester to get up to speed with his new teammates – an advantage that he is not taking for granted.

"I came in at the perfect time, so now I get a chance to learn the system a little bit better instead of coming in (over the summer) and guys having to rush to try to teach me everything and they might not have the same patience," he said. "I think it's a blessing that I came here now; I get a chance to learn and develop."

Something that may help the process of getting acclimated to college will be his new roommate and fellow Milford alum Myles Davis – who also moved in over the weekend. The two already knew each other though they attended the academy in different years, and they have already begun to joke around about each other.

Upon learning that Davis weighs the same (235 pounds) as Broyld, the quarterback-to-be had to question the fact.

"My 235 looks like 190 next to that guy," Broyld joked about the physique of Davis.

With school, football and Davis a new part of Broyld's football journey, he knows perspective is everything though it doesn't damper his anxiousness for getting on the football field for the first time since early November.

"Having the chance to go to Syracuse – it's luxury," said Boryld. "So I'm real excited to get this thing rolling."

The first meeting for players is Monday afternoon.

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