Ennis Ready for Dome Atmosphere

Tyler Ennis has seen it before, but he wants a better look not only at the Carrier Dome, but at the Syracuse campus itself. He will visit on Saturday as the Orange hosts UConn in front of an expected 30,000 fans.

Even though he was on campus in October for Syracuse's Midnight Madness, 2013 five-star point guard Tyler Ennis will be back for a visit over the weekend to take in the annual Syracuse – Connecticut tilt at the Carrier Dome.

Though the 6-foot-2, 175-pound Ennis had a good time in the fall, he has specific goals for this visit to Central New York.

"Just seeing the campus and everything," he said. "The last time I visited, for the Midnight Madness, I didn't really get to see the campus because it was at night and we went straight to the game.

"We showed up a little late so I'm looking forward to seeing the whole campus, how it looks and everything like that."

Ennis, who will be accompanied by his father on the trip, selected Saturday's game for a reason too.

"It's good that I'm going to one of the rival games, I'm looking forward to watching Scoop Jardine and Shabazz Napier go head to head," said Ennis. "Also looking to see what they do with Jeremy Lamb, and seeing the rest of the future first-round picks not only on Syracuse, but on UConn."

But above all else, the atmosphere on a game day is critical for the impression he will get about the basketball program.

"The reason I'm taking visits, it may be a weird time, but I really wanted to get out to a couple of the games," said Ennis. "I want to see the game atmosphere of the arena, especially the Carrier Dome."

On the floor, Ennis continues to dazzle and baffle opponents for St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, New Jersey.

"We're 23-1 right now," said Ennis before critiquing his game. "The season is going really well so far…a lot of people know that I'm a pass-first point guard, so they'll play me for the pass.

"The more I attack, the more my teammates score – it opens things up for me and less defenders focus on me because they're focused on them. Switching it up, passing more some games, passing less some games is what keeps the defense honest and opens up scoring opportunities for me so I can get my teammates open more."

The self-described game Ennis displays has been broken-down by analysts time and time again, and he thinks the confusion results from his adaptation to the defense in a given game.

"I see myself as a pass-first point guard," he said. "I like to get my teammates involved; I like to make my teammates look good. Get them the ball, open shots. "

"But with the fact that I can score, is where people get confused about because pure point guards usually don't average that much points," continued Ennis. "They might have a couple of games in the 20s but lately I've been scoring a lot – so that's the reason I think why people are getting confused."

A part of Ennis' prep career that yields little confusion is his recruiting interests, which has been steady since he arrived in Newark last season. The floor-general has more than 10 offers to his name, and the process is one that he was ready for after being there when his older brother, Dylan Ennis, went through it.

"It's helped a lot," he admitted about Dylan - who is now a freshman at Rice. "I was in close and I knew everything about my brother's recruitment and I saw everything he went through so I was learning the whole time he was going through it so when I got to that point I already knew what to do.

"His first offer from Akron, he committed. He ended up de-committing because he didn't feel 100 percent, so I want to be sure about where I want to go and be 100 percent into the decision."

With what he knows from all of the exposure he has received as well as being in with his brother's up-and-down recruitment, Ennis is in no rush to make a final decision.

"I'm trying to take it as slow as possible," said the five-star prospect. "I don't want to rush into a decision and have to de-commit and things like that, I want to make sure I'm 100 percent committed to the school that's a perfect situation for me at that moment.

"Right now, if it stays how it is, I'm planning on making a decision in the summer and signing in the early period."

As for what he is looking for in a school…

"The basketball part, you know playing time and returning players I did my research on all of that," explained Ennis. "It's just being comfortable on a campus and the location, the stuff outside of basketball that I can't know unless I've been there and visited."

Look for Ennis to take several unofficial visits going forward, though there is some uncertainty as to when he will trip to different schools.

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