New Dynamic with 'Cuse QB Duo

Syracuse verbally offered a dozen quarterbacks in the Class of 2013, but with two on board – is the position capped for this year? Furthermore, how did Austin Wilson feel about the staff bringing another QB in Zach Allen just 10 days after committing? has the answers inside…

Syracuse notched a second QB commitment in a 10-day span on Wednesday night as Temple (TX) QB Zach Allen pulled the trigger. Earlier in the month, East Pennsboro (PA) signal-caller Austin Wilson became the team's first QB pledge.

With a noticeable hole as Ryan Nassib enters his final season as longtime starter in 2012 season, it was no secret that quarterback was a priority in the class. Wilson, who was a bit taken back by the news, detailed his thoughts now that he will be paired with Allen going forward.

"Right before Zach committed last night, Coach (Nathaniel) Hackett called me and said that he just got off the phone with Zach and he was going to commit," he said. "He wanted to know my feelings on it and at first it was just shocking for (another commitment) one to come that quick.

"But we're two different players, he's more of a runner – I'm the pocket kind of guy."

"He told me that nothing has changed towards me, they just got another quarterback," Wilson continued. "They got one last year (Ashton Broyld), but he's a different position now (WR/RB), so they'll be five on the depth chart when we get there, it will just be who fits the offense better I think."

Wilson, who hopes to get in contact with Allen soon, is relishing the time in which he can compete with Allen and the other QBs on the roster in 2013.

"From what he (Hackett) told me, he says he sees me coming in and competing freshman year, so I guess we'll just have to see when I get up there," said Wilson, who will graduate in the summer of 2013 unlike Allen, who will enroll at SU in the spring following a December graduation.

Even with Allen on board, the Pennsylvania product is enjoying his time as a committed prospect and the slow-down it brings in recruiting.

"It's a lot more laid back, the pressure is completely off now," said Wilson. "I can relax and enjoy the end of my school year and focus on my senior year."

He won't be the only player from his home state with ‘Cuse interest as well, and the staff has asked him to help out going forward.

"Coach Hackett and Coach (Doug) Marrone both told me they want me to be in charge of recruiting all the offensive guys that they want to get," said Wilson. "That shows that they trust in me and that's one thing as a quarterback, I want to pick out my guys and show that I'm a leader to them."

The good news, for the two new QBs, is that the staff has echoed to each that the search for more quarterbacks in the class has ended.

Said Wilson, "After I committed, they weren't sure if they were going to take another quarterback. If they were, it was going to be a dual-threat like Zach. So now that they got Zach they said they're totally done."

The position may be through, but the class is steadily growing with nearly 100 verbal offers distributed out to the QBs' classmates.

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