Edwards Recaps Syracuse Visit

Augustus Edwards made his pledge to play for Syracuse last week. On Sunday, the top offensive player in New York State came up to visit the campus for the first time since that announcement. Before he left, he spoke with CuseNation.com about his visit, coaches reaction to his commitment, and seeing the Heisman Trophy.

Augustus Edwards was an important commitment for Syracuse. It further exemplifies Head Coach Doug Marrone's pipeline into New York City. Edwards is considered the top offensive prospect in New York. The 6-foot-1-inch running back prospect visited the Syracuse campus for the first time since he committed last week. On his way back home, he spoke with CuseNation.com about his visit.

CuseNation: This was your first visit to Syracuse since your commitment. How did the visit go?

Edwards: It went well. I got to spend time with the coaches and players I'll be playing with so it was great.

CuseNation: Which guys in particular were you able to spend some time with?

Edwards: I spend some time with the New York City guys like Terrel Hunt, Steven Rene, Ivan Foy, Brandon Reddish, and some other guys like (Eric) Crume.

CuseNation: You tweeted out a picture of yourself with the Heisman Trophy. What was it like to be able to see that and hold it?

Edwards: That was one of the highlights of my visit over there. It was great. A great opportunity. Especially being someone who I looked up to that won it. It was great.

CuseNation: Is it a goal of yours to win one yourself?

Edwards: Yeah. I just have to continue to work hard and everything will fall into place.

CuseNation: What was it like to meet a legend like Jim Brown?

Edwards: Man, it was a tremendous honor. Shaking his hand was a thrill and a highlight of my visit.

CuseNation: Since this was your first visit to Syracuse since your commitment, what were some of the reactions you got from the coaches and players?

Edwards: I mean everyone was very positive. They had nice things to say and are excited about the next four years.

CuseNation: What did you think of the new locker rooms and facilities that are still under construction?

Edwards: I think right now everything is looking pretty good. I can't wait until they're finished. But it looks good now and when it's done it'll look great.

CuseNation: What message do you have for Syracuse fans to look forward to during your Syracuse career?

Edwards: You're going to see someone who's willing to work hard to get better and be very competitive.

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