Tortora completes Trifecta adds another Syracuse presence in Dan Tortora, read about what he brings to the team inside.

Dan Tortora's hunger is insatiable. From show creator to sportscaster to commentator, he continuously works to bring you an original angle at sports that is relatable.

A native of Syracuse, New York, Dan graduated from Christian Brothers Academy. His love for sports broadcasting began while he was taking classes at his alma mater.

"I knew from my junior year in high school what I wanted to do," said Tortora. "I knew in my mind and my heart that sports was a passion I wanted to follow."

Upon graduating, Tortora attended Marywood University, just a few hours down Interstate-81 from his hometown. A mere few months into college life, Tortora was responsible for the creation of a radio-television simulcast of NCAA Division III Men's and Women's Basketball games spotlighting Marywood University. Along with creating the show, entitled "MU Courtside", Tortora also served as head commentator, composed the original graphics, and constructed and destructed the game-day operation.

"If you're not willing to crawl under the bleachers of an old gym and get your dress clothes dirty," said Tortora, "Then you don't really love what you do."

The road which led to the creation of "MU Courtside" is one Tortora will never forget. "I was about to do laundry in my residence hall when I got a phone call from my friend, Brandon. He said, ‘Hey, I remembered you said you wanted to commentate and the guy that was supposed to do the game tonight isn't able to make it, can you do the game?' I was holding my quarters in my hand. I said ‘Absolutely'," stated Tortora. "I had eight minutes to get to the gym. I got there, did the game, and was asked after if I would do the next game simulcast on radio and television. Then, I never left until they made me,"

From November 2003 to February 2007, Tortora was focused on "MU Courtside", paying close attention to every piece of the show, in front of and behind the camera, calling the show his "first baby". "MU Courtside" continues to be broadcast at Marywood University and has since been carried on local broadcast network affiliates.

After receiving his bachelor's degree in Digital Media and Broadcasting, Tortora was offered a one-hour live broadcast opportunity on Saturday mornings on ESPN Radio 630AM, 1240AM, and 96.1FM, reaching out to 13 Northeastern Pennsylvania counties. The program, "The Dan Tortora Show", covered sports at the collegiate and professional level, and included self-created titles and stories used to differentiate Tortora from other broadcasters. In less than six months, "The Dan Tortora Show" was upgraded to Wednesday nights, giving Tortora experience broadcasting on weekdays as well as weekends, nights as well as days.

Tortora then moved "The Dan Tortora Show" to his birthplace, Syracuse, New York, to the former ESPN Radio 1260AM, now The Score 1260AM, airing the show every Saturday morning before moving "The Dan Tortora Show" down the east coast to Orlando, Florida, to ESPN Radio 1080AM. Tortora molded together his knowledge and experience of sports broadcasting with that of sales and instituted partnerships with sponsors that allowed for his show to be a profitable product. During the almost year and a half tenure of the show in Orlando, Tortora built relationships with professional teams in the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, CFL, and UFL, attending training camps, practices, games, bowls, and postseason matches up and down the east coast.

While "The Dan Tortora Show" was winding down in Orlando, Tortora created a website dedicated to all of his current and past work, calling it During the period between Tortora's move from the Orlando radio market to that of Syracuse, his self-created and run website was the only place to hear the show as well as read articles, view pictures, connect through social media, and get involved in fan-driven events, such as college basketball bracket challenges and fantasy football.

As gained exposure from coast to coast and outside of the United States, Tortora agreed to return to the airwaves in Syracuse with "Wake Up Call with Dan Tortora" which was carried on The Score 1260AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings and has since expanded onto Tortora has utilized the show to build relationships with local sports institutions in an effort to provide the fan with a unique approach to the teams they are passionate for. One of the institutions Tortora has worked with every week is Syracuse University. He has covered men's and women's basketball, football, men's and women's lacrosse, softball, men's and women's soccer, field hockey, and women's ice hockey, attending press conferences, community events, practices, and games. Tortora has brought you conversations with Dr. Daryl Gross, Jim Boeheim, Floyd Little, and Doug Marrone, among others. He reaches beyond wins and losses to what sports figures care about, their teaching methods, their history, and who they are as a human and not merely an administrator, coach, or athlete.

In his professional career, Tortora has spoken with over 200 sports figures, from Super Bowl and World Series' champions to high school players still deciding on what college to attend. He has brought you interviews with Syracuse University alumni like Roosevelt Bouie, Mike Hopkins, Gerry McNamara, Demetris Nichols, Leo Rautins, Lazarus Sims and John Wallace.

Two sports figure that had a recurring role on Tortora's broadcasts were John Garcia, Jr. and Mike McAllister, who he will now work with on a daily basis.

"I have trusted the work of both of these gentlemen enough to have them come on my show and talk about sports, especially Syracuse University recruiting," Tortora said. "To now be working with them makes me very appreciative of the life I've been blessed with."

Tortora officially begins his experience on July 25.

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