Marrone on the state of SU

Syracuse Head Coach Doug Marrone was available for the Big East Media Day Tuesday, and compiled a record of everything the fourth-year coach said throughout the day.

Syracuse coach Doug Marrone on the current climate of change in college football:

"When I played at Syracuse, it was eastern football, which I'm a big believer in. I don't know what happened back when. What I envisioned when I was a kid of what football should be in the east is obviously quite different than a lot of other people's. Maybe it's quite the same as some other people. When I was growing up, I know what eastern football was. I could define that. Now, we all know the culture that we're in. For us, we're looking forward to the challenges this year."

Marrone on his present focus:

"Our goal right now, preseason, is to become a better football team, tougher, and prepare ourselves before the season starts. That's what we're looking forward to right now."

Marrone on making sure the team is focused:

"We have so many difficult challenges. Focus is a big thing. We all know that. Whatever we focus on, if we can give 110% attention to it, our opportunity for success is obviously greater. It's a difficult position that I'm in. You don't want to shut practices down. You don't want to not let the media report. You don't want the kids not to do anything from a social standpoint…but at the end, once you see it's become a distraction to your team, so I always apologize for having to do that, but, you know, to sit here today and say that didn't help our football team, I'd be lying. We're not looking to shut anything really down, except for a couple things here and there, normal."

Marrone on Fall camp:

"It's camp. Camp's not supposed to be easy. Camp's supposed to be hard. It's supposed to be challenging, you know. You don't wake up every day and say, ‘Gosh, this is great,'…you wake up every day and you've got to change the attitude of everything."

Marrone on last season's starting quarterback, Ryan Nassib:

"Knowing something and actually doing something is two diff things…I can teach you guys all the offense. You can know it just as well as Ryan Nassib, but you have to go out there and perform, so he has to perform better along with our other players.

Marrone went on to talk about other quarterbacks on the team and a possible competition coming up. " So I'm looking forward to seeing Charley Loeb coming into camp, seeing what he does, along with John Kinder. Like I said before, we have competition and I'm excited. We're doing some different things with our quarterback, things that we've done in the spring, and it will be interesting to see how they compete and perform when we start."

Marrone on Ashton Broyld's role on the team:

"I think we've got to be very careful. I think that's a good challenge for us. You know, I don't wanna sit here and at the end of the season go, ‘Damn, I should have had him here,' but I'm glad to be in these type of conversations that we have an athlete like Ashton Broyld that can do a couple things, so we're gonna keep him going around and really putting pressure on Ashton to make sure he can handle what we're throwing at him, and we're gonna throw it at him, and see what he can handle and then if we feel that he's not handling something and his progress is going to a different level than we want it to, then we're gonna back off."

Marrone on Syracuse's backfield:

"I think if we go out there today and take the 1st snap…Jerome Smith is taking the first snap. Other than that, we're going to be very competitive. It's wide open. We need better production at that position. We really do. I can pretty much say that for the way we perform at all the positions. But we need more production out of the running back position. More big plays."

Marrone on the upcoming game against Stony Brook:

"I know this. I know they're a dangerous football team. People have come up and said things about, you know you guys are playing Stony Brook. Let me tell you something right now. Look at that roster. They have some transfers on that roster that I know coaches from other schools where these kids have transferred from that have flat told me these kids could play. We're gonna have all we can handle when we play them."

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