SU Media Day: What you need to know

There was plenty to sort through on Saturday at Syracuse football's media day, but has all the major points in one place for your convenience.

Syracuse coach Doug Marrone unloaded a ton of information on Saturday at the teams media day, so let's catch everyone up on what was said.

From the Quinta Funderburke saga to Ashton Broyld and more, plenty of points were made by coaches and players.


- Quinta Funderburk is with the team, but will be redshirting for this season.

- Former JUCO WR Chris Clark is on the team and currently has a wrist injury.

- Marrone restated that (injured OL) Justin Pugh is among the best left tackles in the northeast, based on the players he's seen play in the northeast region.

- Marrone talked about Sean Hickey having better numbers than Pugh when he came to Syracuse.

- Marrone said that Hickey will start at left tackle and talked about comfort in having Hickey out on the field.

- Ashton Broyld will continue to play multiple positions, though Marrone hinted at him playing more running back initially.

- Tight End Louie Addazio is finishing up rehab in Philadelphia; will be starting camp on August 19th.

- Marrone on Foster, Tobias, and Hill reporting: "Kyle Foster is finishing up summer school…He will report officially, the first week when school starts. Also in that category is Greg Tobias and Macauley Hill."

- Marrone on Marcus Sales: "He has given us some big players in the past, and I think we can always reference the Pinstripe Bowl, but we're looking about what's going on today and what we're gonna do now, and we need to be a better football team on a daily basis and more consistent. So, for us, it's what are we gonna do to be able to win and Marcus Sales has the ability to help us do that."

- RBs coach Tyrone Wheatley doesn't know what to expect from the RBs, but stressed it will be a competition for playing time in camp.

- Adonis Ameen-Moore has slimmed down A LOT. He's ready to compete to be a starter.

- Rob Trudo is healthy, feels more comfortable this year, and is going to play at both guard and center in camp.


- DE Brandon Sharpe has a laceration, and Marrone wants to make sure it doesn't get infected.

- Marrone on Walls: "Davon Walls will be reporting, we believe, on Tuesday (August 7th). He has a test, in academics, obviously outside of Syracuse University, that he needs to complete before he becomes part of the team."

- Markus Pierce-Brewster and Zian Jones have transferred over to Syracuse and should be practicing.

- Marquis Spruill has been moved to outside linebacker, Siriki Diabate will start at MLB, and Dyshawn Davis is not a starter heading into camp.

- New Linebackers' Coach, Steve Morrison, is already connected to the Syracuse Football staff, having worked with Defensive Coordinator, Scott Shafer, and Defensive Line Coach, Tim Daoust, at Western Michigan.

- John Raymon is still in the NCAA process, do not know eligibility for the season. He is awaiting a waiver.

- Marrone said that LB Marquis Spruill will not begin fall camp at Middle Linebacker. After first snap is competition.

- DE Deon Goggins had experience playing with incoming JUCO transfer NT Zian Jones.

- CB Brandon Reddish and incoming CB Wayne Morgan have played together before and Reddish talked about how they both know how each other plays the game, which can help in the secondary.

- Incoming freshman DeVante McFarlane was listed as a safety on the most updated roster.


- Marrone on starting before Media Day: "We started this in January. I started this right after the last game. That's when we've started."

- Marrone talking about transitioning in place of starting when looking at Fall camp: "We're transitioning back in as coaches, right now with our players. Transitioning into more football related activities to become a better football team."

- Marrone wants to change the environment by going to Fort Drum with the intent of becoming a better football team. He specifically mentioned gaining discipline and practical leadership principles.'s Dan Tortora and Mike McAllister contributed to this story

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