On the Line with Zian Jones

Along with Junior College transfer, Defensive Tackle Davon Walls, Nose Tackle Zian Jones is also looking to fit into a new line after spending time playing college football elsewhere. CuseNation.com spoke with Jones about how he's adjusting to the Syracuse way.

In his attempt to learn the game through the teaching of Syracuse University's football staff, Nose Tackle Zian Jones has been consistently spoken to during drills in how to improve his technique.

Jones shared his thoughts on what Defensive Line Coach, Tim Daoust, has placed on his plate. "I'm taking everything he's (Daoust's) offering. He teaches us a lot about our stances, our handwork," stated Jones. "And I'm just taking it in and grasping it...turning it to the field."

So how does Jones feel he has been performing thus far at Fall camp?

"I've seen myself progress" said Jones, giving credit to Daoust, stating, "He (Daoust) taught me a lot...the little time I've been here."

Stretching beyond the coaching staff, Jones discussed what the other members of the defensive line have been offering to help him.

"The defensive line is just like the coaches. If they see something wrong, they'll correct it," Jones remarked. "They're just there to help you, along with coach. If coach [is] with another guy, the other guy is right there to help us."

What Jones does bring to the defensive line right now is experience. Experience playing on the gridiron at the collegiate level.

When asked if his time in junior college has aided in preparing him for playing at Syracuse, Jones agreed that it has, saying, "It (junior college) prepares us because we've been through it, but it's (playing with Syracuse) a little faster." Jones added, "Other than that, it's a good leeway for what we're going through."

As to what Jones and his teammates are going through in camp at Fort Drum, Jones said being there "...means the world."

He elaborated by talking about the atmosphere at Fort Drum, stating, "It's just camp. No distractions. Just out here working every day."

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