A Work in Progress

Syracuse coach Doug Marrone has been tough on the offense through camp, as progress has been tough to come by. Factor in injuries, and the fourth-year coach is even more dissatisfied.

Syracuse University football coach Doug Marrone addressed the media after Day Five of Fall Training Camp at Fort Drum.

This season, Marrone has extended his role as a coach by working more in-depth with the tight ends. He gave a status report on his work with this unit so far.

"Well, I'm struggling with them," said Marrone. "I really don't see us with a tight end right now who's a starter. Beckett (Wales)'s been hurt, and banged up. Max (Beaulieu) has been inconsistent at times. Ron Thompson is a freshman. He got hurt. Dave (Stevens) has been playing F. Carl Cutler's been playing F. Josh Parris has been playing F, so it's two types of positions. Really, right now, if we had to play a game today, David would be our Y, because of injury."

As far as the man responsible for getting them the ball, Marrone gave his thoughts on Quarterback Ryan Nassib.

"He still needs some work," Marrone remarked. "You see some up and down…We need more from him. I believe that it's not from a lack of work ethic. He's working to do that."

Listen the rest of Marrone's comments here:

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