Analysis of the Special Teams from Fort Drum

Special teams was an area of weakness for the Orange in 2011. takes a look at how they've performed so far in order to make that a strength for the upcoming season.

Special teams are a big question mark heading into the 2012 season. was at fall camp in Fort Drum, and analyzes how they've performed so far.

Areas Needing Improvement:

Fielding the Ball

Three Running Backs failed to field the ball as kickoff/punt returners. George Morris, III, did not catch the ball on back-to-back opportunities, while Ashton Broyld and Prince-Tyson Gulley each missed one reception from a kickoff.

Cornerback Wayne Morgan also had difficulty getting his hands around every opportunity. One ball hit him in the chest and hands, which he did not field. Another time, Morgan undershot the ball, but this time, he caught it, having to reach back with his hands over his head. Though he caught the ball, leaning his body back to get it can cost him yards, in that he has to now has to come down with his feet, lean forward, and then start his run.

The Positives:

Kicker Ross Krautman

Krautman has been on target at Fort Drum. As he is moved back, he continues to send the ball through the uprights. Whether a hurry-up situation or an extra point, Krautman has looked poised.

Jeremiah Kobena

Once the ball is caught, Kobena can turn on his speed as if he has already been running for 15 yards; he does not need start up time for his legs. This can prove beneficial in punt return situations where there is normally a shorter distance between the returner and their defenders than during a kickoff. Also, Kobena's vision matches his speed in knowing where to move and how to move his body no matter how fast he is going.

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