A Piece of the Pack: Ashton Broyld

Freshman running back Ashton Broyld has been the topic of many conversations as to what he could be for the Syracuse offense this season. He spoke to the media on Wednesday about how he is handling all the responsibility.

At Fall camp, Syracuse freshman Ashton Broyld showed power in going into and moving the pile, as well as laying hits, instead of just receiving them, which has also displayed a certain fearlessness.

His speed is evident and his hands, for the most part, have been able to secure passes through in his direction.

Coming in as a potential quarterback and running back, the spotlight sent his way has been evident, but he remains unselfish, shown in his openness to learn from the veteran backs, juniors Jerome Smith and Prince-Tyson Gulley.

"Those are the guys that have really been there for me," Broyld remarked. "To just be like the angel on my shoulder. Just to tell me, ‘Watch out for this. Watch out for that. It's alright. Tomorrow's a new day. Those are the guys that I've been really looking up to and have been there to support me."

From having the support to giving it, Broyld shared his involvement with freshman athlete DeVante McFarlane joining the backfield. "I had to actually go over some things with him," said Broyld. "It was me and George Morris [III]'s duty to get him a little bit along the lines of the offense. He's a good guy and I like the way he runs the ball."

See and hear the entire press conference from the final day of Fall camp HERE.

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