Injury Status Update

Injuries have been a hot button issue for the Syracuse football team of late. takes a look at the latest based on Wednesday's practice.

Syracuse senior wide receiver Alec Lemon, sophomore tight end Louie Addazio, junior running back Steve Rene, junior defensive tackle Jay Bromley, and sophomore wide receiver Keenan Hale all worked out together today.

The teammates stood around in a circle for stretching, then walked around the field..

From there, they were side-by-side on the field, moving forward getting their knees up high.

Then, these players went forward side-by-side again, but this time, bringing their knee up and to the side, one at a time, in a workout that looked to be focused on stretching the hamstring while in motion.

The group went on to do pushups and jog forward and backward.

Lemon was said to have a lower body injury which has kept him from practicing in drills recently at camp. The receiver had recently stated going into camp that he was 100% healthy from his shoulder injury and surgery.

Sophomore offensive guard Jesse Wolf-Gould continued to spend time on a stationary bike.

Freshman tight end Ron Thompson was on a stationary bike as well, for the second practice in a row.

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