Rob Long Discusses Bears Workout

Former Syracuse punter Rob Long continues to chase his NFL dream. That dream took a step forward recently, as he had a workout with the Chicago Bears. He spoke with about where things stand with his NFL prospects.

Most college football players dream of playing the NFL. For a select few, that dream becomes a reality. Former Syracuse punter Rob Long is still chasing that dream, and recently worked out for the Chicago Bears. He spoke with about the experience.

"The workout went great," Long recalled. "I did really well. I am finally getting back to top punting shape after everything I've been through. It took longer than expected but I was very happy yesterday.

"There were some very talented punters at the workout so it was a great measuring stick for me."

Long got some great feedback from the Bears as well. He believes there will continue to be communication between himself and the team.

"They thought that I was talented and said that they are going to keep an open line of communication for the near future," he explained. "They told me if I refine some things I have a lot of potential to excel."

The Pennsylvania product has had workouts with the Philadelphia Eagles in the past, but this one was different. They discussed a specific type of contract with the former Orange player.

"What they had mentioned was a futures deal which would be great," Long said. "It would be in January for the following season to allow me to develop in the offseason and to work and learn the speed of the game at that level."

Signing that futures deal would allow Long to participate in training camp for the 2013 season assuming the contract was not terminated.

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