Ivan Foy Excited For Season Opener

One of the closest battles in training camp was the one for the starting right guard position. Ivan Foy and Rob Trudo battled all camp, with Foy coming out on top. CuseNation.com caught up with the redshirt freshman to discuss being named the starter, and discussion preparation for Saturday's tilt with Northwestern.

Fall camp was filled with intriguing positional battles. As the Syracuse Orange get ready to open their season on Saturday, CuseNation.com spoke with the winner of one of those battles. Starting right guard Ivan Foy discussed his starting nod and the upcoming season opener.

"My eyes just blew up," Foy recalled upon hearing news of being named the starter. "It was close between me and Rob Trudo. We were both working at the end. I'm just happy to get the spot. I'm glad I have a person like Macky (MacPherson) right next to me to help me out because I'm going to need it."

Part of the reason he was able to become the starter was the familiarity with camp this year. As a true freshman, everything was different than what he was used to in high school. The added comfort of what to expect has helped Foy be more productive.

"Last year, I was backing up Andrew Tiller," he said. "And this year I'm the one with the spot. Last year I was just learning and getting everything down. This year it's just perfecting everything and making sure everything is right for Saturday."

Despite the concerns about the effectiveness of the offensive line, Foy believes they are ready to go. With Macky MacPherson there, he feels confident in what they can do.

"We're doing good," Foy explained. "We've got two veteran players returning with Zach Chibane and Macky. Those are two key players. They help all three of us on new plays that's done right now.

"They're just helping us out and basically telling us what to do, how to act, and not to act crazy when you see something that you're not used to."

Along those same lines, Foy believes the offense is ready to go and poised for a strong performance this season.

"We're ready just like I said," he stated. "We've got experienced people like Macky, Chibane, Ryan Nassib will be back. We're going to be good. My expectation is to do my job. That's my focus and I'm going to do my best to do that."

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