QB Diaries: Austin Wilson Discusses First Win

Austin Wilson and East Pennsboro High completed their first game of the season on Friday. It was a successful one, as Wilson led his team to a 35-12 road victory. CuseNation.com spoke with Wilson to break it all down.

Syracuse commit Austin Wilson led East Pennsboro High to a season opening 35-12 victory over Waynesboro. Wilson discussed the victory and how he performed with CuseNation.com

"As a team, we were excellent," Wilson recalled. "We ended up winning 35-12. Me, personally, I think I could've played a lot better. My deep ball I didn't have as much touch as I wanted to. I was leading guys but it was ridiculous. On almost all of my deep balls I was missing guys by like six inches. I should've thrown for like 400 yards but I ended up throwing for like 230 yards and three touchdowns. I should've been a lot better."

In order to improve, Wilson spent a few hours watching film Monday morning. That will allow him to correct the mistakes as he goes forward in the season.

"I just wanted to watch the film today," Wilson explained. "I wanted to see exactly what was going wrong. I think it might've been the first game where people weren't quite in game shape, you know? That's what we're working on in practice. My deep balls were just a little too deep. This week we're definitely going to work on the timing with the receivers at practice. Just get the timing down better."

Other than the deep ball, Wilson was pleased with his performance. He credited his teammates for making some plays, but felt he played well.

"Other than the deep it was pretty good," he said. "All my reads I made the right read. My intermediate routes were good that's where our touchdowns went on. We had big plays from our guys. We should've been able to go over the top like I said. But once we couldn't hit that, we just checked down and hit stuff short. Our running backs had a big game and went for over 100 yards. We were there that game, but we should've beaten them by a lot more."

Wilson finished the game, according to the official stats, with 219 passing yards and three touchdowns. He described each touchdown for us and broke down the play.

"My first touchdown pass was a deep ball," Wilson detailed. "My receiver made a great play on the ball. That one went for 63 yards. The next one was to my receiver, Sammie Marshall, it was kind of a quick screen play. We had good blocking down field from our linemen. He ended up taking that one for about 50 yards I think. The last one was a rollout play-action to the right and I checked down to hit my fullback. Then he took it in."

When previewing the season, Wilson mentioned his team was very young. However, he was proud of the way they came out in game one.

"I was very surprised and happy with the young guys on the line," Wilson declared. "The skill guys as well. They played start to finish like I thought they would. They gave me a lot of protection. They played just as well as I knew they could. Right off the bat there were some jitters. After the first minute or two they were just running around and played great.

"I'm very excited for what the rest of the year will bring."

Wilson next plays Friday, September 7th against West Perry in East Pennsboro's home opener. He is excited to get back on the field and is already focused on preparation for that game.

"Next game is at home against West Perry," he stated. "They're going to try to take away the deep ball since it's there every time. But next week I'm going to get my timing down deep and work on my check downs more I think. Once we hit the short routes repeatedly that will open up the deep and eventually open up the run more."

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