Can Clark Be Superman?

Wide receiver Chris Clark got his first taste of major college football on Saturday, catching a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. spoke with Clark about his first game in Orange.

Junior transfer, wide receiver Chris Clark, began being targeted later on in Fall camp, but did not have to wait long to be targeted in an actual game.

In Syracuse's first game of the season, Clark was thrown to repeatedly by quarterback Ryan Nassib.

Whatever the route, short pass or long attempt, Nassib was trying to get Clark involved immediately, with this being Clark's first game as a member of the Orange.

"It definitely feels great," said Clark. "And it lets me know that I have to really work hard and just keep playing every day."

Clark's perseverance through passes he failed to receive and through a play where he made moves horizontally, but did not get up the field vertically, which resulted in a fumble and him temporary on the field, must have resonated with Nassib.

With the team still down late in the fourth quarter, Nassib went to the newcomer who was running a slant, heading to the left side of the endzone. Clark gave himself enough separation from the single coverage on him to hold onto the most important ball thrown his way the entire game.

"I made a couple of mistakes in the first half, so I felt like I owed it to the team," stated Clark, referring to his first career touchdown with Syracuse. "I just basically did what I had to do try to stay focused and just caught the ball."

Clark's touchdown reception with 2:40 to go in the final quarter, followed by Orange running back Prince-Tyson Gulley's successful two-point conversion attempt, seemed to be Syracuse's drive to victory.

But the defense came up unsuccessful in their opportunity to stop Northwestern on the Wildcats' final drive. The Orange as a whole, therefore, are looking to improve as if Clark, who shared that he intends to "…practice hard, watch film, and just go all out," moving forward.

When asked if he can be expected to be a deep threat for the Syracuse offense, Clark responded, "Definitely, definitely."

Whether Clark will transform into a Superman on this offense is yet to be seen, but onlookers will not have to wait long for their next sighting of the wideout, who will join his teammates in New York's College Classic when Syracuse faces a West Coast foe in USC on Saturday, September 8th, at MetLife Stadium.

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