SU Football Status Update

Syracuse football went into its first game of 2012 pretty banged up, but it will get at least one potential starter back before the big game against No. 2 USC. Find out the status of other key cogs inside.

Syracuse University football head coach Doug Marrone addressed the status of players who were inactive in the first game of the season last week against Northwestern.

"[Tight end] David Stevens will be able to play. He had good week of practice," said Marrone.

Stephens was continuously targeted by quarterback Ryan Nassib at Fall camp, moving the offense and providing depth with Beckett Wales at the tight end position. Even when he failed to gather a pass thrown his way, Stephens was mentally and physically back in the game, catching his following opportunity, illustrating the trust Nassib has in him and his receiving core as a whole.

Keeping with the receiving core, "[Wide receiver] Alec Lemon, we still don't know, and I'm not trying to hide that. I really don't know yet," Marrone shared.

Lemon, who said that he was 100% after shoulder surgery has been nursing back from what is being called a lower body injury. ESPN broadcasted it as a hamstring injury on Saturday. He was a non-factor in team drills, spending time on the sideline toward the latter part of Fall camp stretching and jogging.

His continued absence keeps the receiver with the most experience with Nassib last season off the field. However, Nassib failed to show any discomfort in the receivers he had at his disposal in the first game, throwing for almost 500 yards and reaching the endzone four times through the air.

"Obviously [Left Tackle] Justin Pugh is out. [Wide Receiver] Adrian Flemming's out," Marrone added. Pugh did not practice in team drills all throughout Fall camp as he continues to recuperate from a shoulder injury. Flemming practiced all the way up to a play at the end of Syracuse's time at Fort Drum that left him coming up looking like he had injured his left ankle. Specification of Flemming's injury has not been given by Syracuse University.

Before the injury, Flemming had some of the best hands at Fall camp, while most receivers struggled to reel in passes.

As far as transfer defensive end John Raymon, "…We're still working together with the NCAA, so we haven't had a final decision on that yet nor do I know when that will end or we'll get that final decision."

Originally, the Orange was hoping for a ruling to come prior to the Northwestern game, but the NCAA has yet to clear Raymon for participation on the football squad.

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