Daoust Bringing Past and Present to USC Game

The Syracuse defensive line faces their biggest challenge of the season facing a USC offensive line that is big and talented. Defensive line coach Tim Daoust spoke to CuseNation.com about that challenge.

Defensive line coach Tim Daoust is no stranger to today's opponent. He was on the sidelines last season when Syracuse came out strong but ended the game quietly in a 38-17 loss to the Trojans. Coaching the frontline of the Orange defense, Daoust has taken in the flow of the USC offense.

"What they do at USC, they do a great job with their scheme of protecting [quarterback Matt] Barkley and getting rid of the ball fast," said Daoust. "I mean, he catches it. He knows where he's going, even if it's his second or third read, so we're not gonna mess around. We're gonna get vertical is our theory around here anyway and see if we can't get some of that push that [defensive tackle] Deon [Goggins] had success with last year."

Along with the hope of continued success through of his lineman, Goggins, Daoust also looks to another California-based player who he did not have last year against USC, defensive end Markus-Pierce Brewster.

Daoust shared his thoughts on how Pierce-Brewster performed in his initial outing versus Northwestern before going into this game.

"Markus Pierce-Brewster played with an extremely high motor," expressed Daoust. "He was all over the football field for us, which is a great thing to build on. If you don't have that, you'll struggle with anything else, so that was great to see out of Markus."

With the positives, Daoust is always looking for improvement.

"Where we'll continue to work is Markus playing better with his hands," shared Daoust. "He's relying on his speed at this point, and I gotta remind him that those hands are his money makers, as I say. He had a good game and I think sky's the limit of what we'll see down the road with him I hope."

The road stops this week at MetLife Stadium for the Orange's match-up in New York's College Classic against USC. The game begins at 3:30pm Eastern.

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