QB Diaries: Zach Allen Picks Up Huge Victory

Zach Allen and Temple High played Westlake in a closely contested football game. Allen led Temple to a victory in dramatic fashion. He spoke about it with CuseNation.com.

Syracuse commit Zach Allen led Temple High in what he called a historic victory. A last-second touchdown on a dramatic drive gave Temple the win. Fans stormed the field with the players and coaches. Things don't get any easier as they face the three-time defending state champs this week. Allen breaks it all down with CuseNation.com.

"It was a big win," Allen said. "Probably one of the biggest in recent history. Obviously we knew going into the game it was going to be a huge game for Temple trying to upset Westlake. They're one of the top teams in Texas. Dave Campbell did a site where they broadcast the game. The whole atmosphere was crazy.

"From the kickoff, we got the ball and went down and scored. They came down and answered back. We went down and scored again. Then we scored again and got a stop. So we were up 20-7. We got stopped and they blocked a kick. They actually blocked three punts throughout the game and returned two for touchdowns. At halftime we were down by a touchdown. We came back in the second half and really went off. We came from two touchdowns behind and really put it to them.

"With about three minutes left they went down and took the lead. We can down and tied it. We got a stop and went back on the winning drive. We scored with 30 seconds left to win the game. So it was crazy. The whole atmosphere was unbelievable."

Allen said he finished 25-35 with 290 yards, four touchdowns, and rushed for nearly 70 rushing yards. After the win, pandemonium broke out in the stadium.

"It was crazy," Allen recalled. "The fans rushed the field because it was such a big win. The game was going back and forth and we came out victorious. The fans were going crazy, the coaches were going crazy, everyone was just real excited. We got back to the locker room and everyone was hooting and hollering. It was a really big moment for Temple and we just enjoyed the moment."

Big games are when the best players step up. Allen believes he showed the ability to do that.

"Overall, I was pleased with myself and the way we performed," he described. "We scored in every quarter. I had four touchdown passes. I threw a lot of balls away just to avoid a sack and live for the next play. My completion percentage was high 60s to low 70s. You really can't complain with that. As long as we win everyone's going to be happy.

"Obviously there's still things a high school quarterback needs to work on to get ready for the next level. Accuracy, decision making, reads, just trying to be 100% on everything you do."

Already looking towards their next game, Allen said this game is going to be the biggest in Temple history as they face the three-time defending state champions in Southlake Carroll High. Carroll features features four-star quarterback Kenny Hill who is a Texas A&M commit. The game will be televised locally, which is big for them. They are looking forward to the challenge.

The next day, Allen watched the New York College Classic where Syracuse took on USC. Allen was encouraged by what he saw.

"I was talking up Syracuse the whole time and rooting for the upset," Allen said. "At the start of the game I was extremely pleased. They played extremely well against the number one slash number two team in the nation. I was really pleased with how they performed. Offensively, we were just a little inconsistent.

"It's a big game which is kind of going to happen. I was really hoping we were going to respond to it. We really showed that we belong with the big dogs. I was pleased. Obviously everyone was rooting for a win. But the way we came out and played, it was neat to see."

Allen says he will be attending the Stony Brook game this coming Saturday. He will be visiting the campus both Saturday and Sunday.

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