Gross on Notre Dame in the ACC

Big news was announced Wednesday as Notre Dame announced its intent to join the ACC. Syracuse will be affected by the move, so Athletic Director Daryl Gross chimed in on the matter.

Most of us have endured a move of some kind in our lives. Having a familiar face accompany you can aid in the transition.

Syracuse will have two familiar faces in the car on the drive from the Big East Conference to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Pittsburgh made their decision to leave the Big East for the ACC around the same time as Syracuse and will pay more to the Big East to be able to join the Orange in the ACC next season for all sports.

Today, Notre Dame announced their intentions to become a member of the ACC, putting one more team into the carpool to travel through the ever-changing roads of collegiate athletics in America.

"This is a brilliant move for the ACC and…for the future of Syracuse athletics," remarked Syracuse University Director of Athletics, Dr. Daryl Gross.

Gross, who has repeatedly been clear on his intent for Syracuse to be both an academic and athletic power spoke positively on what the addition of Notre Dame will mean for the ACC in those areas that are important to him. "Notre Dame is obviously a significant nationally recognized institution that adds tremendous competitive and academic value to the conference," said Gross.

As with the Big East, Notre Dame has agreed to bring all of their athletic programs to the ACC, except for football.

But unlike their agreement with the Big East, Notre Dame, who will keep their independent status, at least appears to be a football member though that is not the official case because of the schedule they have allegedly agreed to with the ACC. The Fighting Irish will allegedly spend almost half of their regular season facing ACC opponents, with five games being played per season against members of the conference.

"Notre Dame's commitment of playing a significant number of football games versus conference opponents annually is outstanding," Gross expressed. "All of our sports will benefit from the competition Notre Dame brings to the ACC. We are proud to be joined by Notre Dame in the ACC."

Syracuse's move to the ACC has, thus, essentially given them more opportunity for competition against academically- and athletically-recognized and respected institutions like Notre Dame.

Before playing one game as a member of the ACC, the Orange are looking to ripen in the sun that is coming over the horizon of a new future.

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