Interest in Northeast WR Starting to Pick Up

Dejion Evans' recruitment was slow during last season and early summer. However, there has been a recent jolt in interest in the 2-star wide receiver. He spoke with about how things have been progressing.

A slow start to his recruitment did not get Dejion Evans down. Instead, the 2-star wide receiver worked on improving on his game. That work may have paid off, as interest in the West Roxbury (MA) product has started to pick up. Evans credits his offseason program with the increased attention.

"My summer went well," Evans recalled. "I did a lot of camps and combines. I worked out at a conditioning gym. There we worked on a lot of lifting and plyometrics. I worked on my explosiveness and worked a lot on my route running. That's really it for preparation for the season.

"I did camps at Syracuse, UConn, UMass, one in Arizona that wasn't really at a school, I think that's all. I did a lot more last year. This year I wasn't really focused on camps, like University camps. I did a lot more last summer than this summer.

Those camps have helped Evans gauge where he is compared to other prospects, and improve his own game.

"My route running has gotten a lot better and I'm a lot more sure handed now," he said. "I feel as though my working in the gym just by myself and through scrimmages and watching my film from last year, I'm a lot more explosive off the line. The camps put me on a lot more school's radar.

"Usually at camps there is more than just one school there. I've been in contact with a lot of schools that were at some of the different camps.

"For instance Boston College told me they're going to be at one of my games this season," he continued. "I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more than just BC there."

But Boston College is not the only school showing interest. Other northeast schools are keeping tabs on the Catholic Memorial High product.

"UConn, Bryant has offered me, Syracuse I've been in touch with a lot, Virginia, Virginia sent me an e-mail recently and has sent me mail, and UMass is heavily recruiting me," Evans explained. "Syracuse the last time they have spoken to me was right after I did their camp in July. I spoke to them right after that. They've been talking to me since my sophomore year. I'm not really sure where it's going recruiting wise because they always tell me they've been watching me.

"They want to see what I do as far as this season. Last year I was limited because I was behind an all-american Camren Williams who went to Ohio State.

"So I wasn't really able to show what I could do. Obviously you can't deny his talent, but I felt I should've played more. I didn't really get an opportunity so my junior highlight tape isn't all that great. So that could be part of the reason why a lot more BCS schools haven't gotten to me and made an offer. I feel as though they don't really know what I can do yet."

Evans is expecting that as the season progresses, with a more prominent role in the offense, the offers will come. Offers from schools like UConn and Syracuse.

"I'm realistic with myself and where I think I can play," Evans outlined. "I haven't focused on just one school because I don't have offers. But I think I would fit in a school like Syracuse. I would fit into the offense well, especially with my size as a receiver."

The 6-foot-2 receiver believes he has the talent to play as a freshman. Syracuse is not the only school he believes he would fit well. UConn and Boston College are prime candidates.

"I was at the Boston College game against Miami," Evans stated. "I definitely was impressed with what the coaches did and the offensive coordinator. I feel as though he's running a lot better offense. I was really impressed with how they competed against Miami. I was at one of their camps last summer. BC was in touch with me a lot after the camp because they were impressed with how I did there. But they fell off for a while but they just came back on recently. I think it had a lot to do with them having a lot more new people on their coaching staff.

"UConn was in touch with me a lot more in the early part of the recruiting process. I actually went to their camp this summer and the coaching staff said they love me. They know who I am, they've seen my games. They said they'll be at them this year."

The most recent school to show interest in Evans is Temple. The Owls interest could pick up as the season progresses.

"I like the program and I think they're rebuilding," he explained. "Last year they graduated a lot of receivers. I think they're reaching out to receivers. I was at the Under Armour camp last year and they were there. They spoke to me last year.

"But they didn't contact me after until the other day when I got their mail. So we will see where it goes. I'm going to get in touch with them and see if they will come watch a game."

In the first game of his senior season, Evans said he had four catches for 86 yards despite being double covered for most of the game.

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