QB Diaries: Wilson Bounces Back From Loss

Austin Wilson and East Pennsboro suffered their first loss of the season in week two. However, they bounced back with a strong performance to get back on the winning track. Wilson breaks it all down, talks about a possible official visit to Syracuse, and discusses a potential new recruiting target for the Orange.

After East Pennsboro's loss in week two, Syracuse commit Austin Wilson was understandably frustrated. However, his team responded in a big way with a 45-13 victory.

"We did really good," Wilson recalled. "We won 45-13. Overall, we played great as a team. From the defense, to the backfield, to the line; everything was just clicking. Our running back had, I think, over 100 yards rushing. I went 18 of 28 for 240 yards and four touchdowns. 

Other than that, our defense stepped up big time from the last week where they couldn't stop the run. This week, we shut down their offense. They couldn't get anything going."

The difference this week, Wilson said, was the effort on defense. The offense has been there, but a consistent defensive effort like this past week can bring the team to a whole new level.

"Every week so far, the offense has been clicking," Wilson described. "But defensively, I think this week we focused a lot more on form tackling up front and the secondary shutting down their weapons. We still did a lot of work on the offensive side of the ball. 

"We play in different formations every week to throw people off. We try to get other people the ball because I have a big receiver in Sammy Marshall. He has over 400 yards of receiving already. Teams are starting to key on him already. We just throw in different packages and get other guys the ball."

A common theme every week for Austin Wilson is praising the play of his top target, Sammy Marshall. Wilson says Marshall is a big time playmaker.

"He's a junior right now," he said of Marshall. "He's about 6'4" 185. Right now, he's probably my go-to guy. He's really fast in the open field. He can turn on the burners. He's a big, strong receiver. College-wise right now, he's getting a lot of interest from Penn State, Rutgers, and I know coach (Nathaniel) Hackett when he came to watch me was very, very interested. He wanted to see how he progressed through the season. Hopefully I can help Syracuse get a look at him."

Wilson used Marshall to his advantage in their latest win. He threw four touchdowns, and described how each developed. 

"My first touchdown was to Sammy," Wilson explained. "I rolled out, play-action to the left. There was pressure from the left, so I broke a tackle and ended up throwing a fade route to Sammy in the back of the endzone. My next touchdown was a streak route where I hit the seam guy. Got him for a 58-yard touchdown pass. Then we ran an out-and-up on the goal line to Sammy Marshall. The last one I threw a screen pass to Marshall. He broke about three tackles right on the line and took it for about 30 yards for a touchdown."

Because Wilson's game was on Saturday, he was unable to watch Syracuse's win over Stony Brook. He did say, however, he had people giving him frequent updates throughout the day. While Wilson has been on campus a couple of times before, he plans on taking an official visit before the season is over. 

East Pennsboro next plays Boiling Springs on September 21st. Wilson says, they will be ready.

"They look like they have some athletes on the defensive side of the ball," he said. "We're not going to take them lightly at all. It's going to be another big game for us. It's our first league game. They won last week in a 5-0 game I believe. Their offense hasn't scored a touchdown yet this season. They're struggling a little bit. But they've got some athletes and they run the ball a lot. Hopefully our defense comes back and has a repeat of this past week."

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