QB Diaries: Zach Allen Works Hard In Bye Week

After a tough loss against the three-time defending champion, Zach Allen and Temple High were on a bye this week. He spoke to CuseNation.com about using that bye week effectively, Syracuse's loss to Minnesota, and sets a date for his official visit to Syracuse.

Syracuse commit Zach Allen still has his spirits high despite their first loss of the season in week three. This week, Allen and his teammates at Temple High School used the bye week to get healthy and continue preparation for district play.

"We're definitely preparing for Shoemaker," he said. "The whole week of practice we were just trying to execute and really fix up the penalties. We had 22 last game and you can't do that against a good team. Preparing for district, we're really just trying to get everything straight during the break because we're going to have seven games in a row after the break.

"We're excited for that, and it's going to be a good district run."

One of the best things for a team during a bye week is getting nicked up players healthy. Temple took full advantage of that during the off week.

"Like I said, it's a good week for an off week," Allen explained. "A lot of us were banged up. I've recovered pretty well. I'll be, probably, 100% or 95% by Monday. The rest of the guys, half of them are already back and the rest will be ready in a week. So it was good, and we'll be ready."

Despite having an off week, Allen and his teammates are still in full preparation mode for their first district game. The extra week gives them extra time for film study to come up with a winning game plan.

"We pretty much watch film every day," he described. "We watched it every day last week and will watch it every day this coming week. We have to get ready for Shoemaker. They're very athletic defensively. I haven't seen much offensive tape on them, but defensively they're really fast and play well.

"We're just kind of going to do our stuff. We feel if we do our stuff we'll be successful. We feel if we get all 11 of us executing, everything will be right."

Allen said he did not get to see all of the Syracuse game against Minnesota. But he read the game story and saw the stats. While it was another frustrating loss, he believes they will bounce back.

"Just like we did this week after Southlake Carroll," Allen suggested. "It's really just going back to the drawing board and figure out what you did wrong to fix everything. With the way Syracuse played, obviously they had some turnovers which you can't do against a good team like Minnesota.

"As a quarterback, you've just got to encourage your guys, tell them that you're fine and get ready for the next game."

Despite the recent losses, Allen is still fully committed to Syracuse. He says some schools contacted him after the Elite 11 camp. He told each school the same thing.

"After Elite 11, I had multiple coaches call me," Allen recalled. "I just told them that I was happy with where I was, going to Syracuse. I committed to them, gave them my commitment. I'm happy with where I'm going. I pretty much told them I'm done with the recruiting process and that's where I am."

Recently, Allen took his first trip to the Syracuse campus. He took in the game against Stony Brook. The 6-foot-2 quarterback enjoyed it so much, he is looking forward to coming back for an official visit.

"I'm taking my official visit on December 7th," Allen said. "I talked to a lot of the guys, and a lot of us are going up there on the same say around the same time. It'll be great to meet each other, hang out, and get to know each other before we all enroll there."

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