Kevyn Scott looking for a way back in

Former Syracuse defensive back Kevyn Scott is rehabbing a hamstring injury in hopes of getting back on an NFL roster.

Syracuse University football alum Kevyn Scott was picked up as an undrafted free agent this year by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins made the decision from there to sign Scott to the practice squad.

But Scott's opportunity to be a Dolphin came to an end shortly after. "I took an injury settlement with the Dolphins," Scott shared.

Eager to get on the field, Scott worked out for the Atlanta Falcons two weeks ago, but pulled his hamstring during his workout, resulting in him not being signed by the team.

Speaking with Scott this week, he stated, "The hamstring is getting better". "Once I'm back to 100 percent," Scott continued, "I will go and work out with other teams."

As far as when he will be working out to try and make a roster, Scott said, "I'm hoping by next week."

So what teams are on his radar?

Scott responded by saying, "I won't know until early Monday who I'm working out with on Tuesday," due to the fact that teams make decisions weekly on what prospective players they will bring in on Tuesdays.

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