QB Diaries: Zach Allen Gets Win After Bye

Last week, Zach Allen and Temple High had a bye week. They used it to get healthy and to work on their mistakes in their first loss of the season. The plan worked as Allen helped Temple get back in the win column. He breaks it all down with CuseNation.com inside.

Temple High limped into the bye week after suffering their first loss of the season. Syracuse commit Zach Allen and his teammates recovered from some minor injuries and got back on the winning track on Friday. He spoke with CuseNation.com about the win.

"It was a really good game," Allen explained. "To start the game, they came down the field and scored on their first possession. We came back with a one play touchdown. Our running back gashed through the hole and had about a 48-yard touchdown.

"The next drive we had another one play touchdown. We had a zone read and I took it for about 49-yards. About three plays later, I hit a post route for a 60-yard touchdown. It was non-stop scoring points. It was a lot of fun."

Temple High won 69-29 over Shoemaker. Allen was pleased with how he and his teammates played.

"We had 52 points in the first three quarters," he said. "I had eight total touchdowns. Five passing and three rushing. I think I was 12 for 18 with 276 yards passing. A lot of us were dinged up, so we really took advantage of the bye week.

"Having everyone 100% was a big part of what we were able to do. We executed and really put up some big numbers."

Through the first few games, Allen is happy with how he has played. Despite knowing there is room for improvement, he knows his play has been at a very high level.

"Things went pretty good this past game," Allen described. "I really felt like I played well. I felt like I played a really high pace. I executed really well. Obviously 12 for 18 isn't all that good, but completing 12 balls for five touchdowns is pretty good. Then running the ball, racking up over 100 yards rushing in only nine attempts is also pretty good. I have to give all the credit to the offensive line. They blocked their hearts out the whole game. We put up 69 points because of them.

"As far as the season so far, I feel like I've done well. There's always room for improvement, and I'm just trying to be 100% on all my reads. I'm still trying to be a big leader vocally and through my actions. I'm happy with the way I've played so far, but there's a lot of room for improvement. But it continues to get better throughout the season."

Coming up this week, Allen faces a team ranked in the top-10 in Texas, Waco-Midway. They will prepare like they do for every game, but know they are up against a talented team.

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