Wayne Williams Can't Wait For 'Swaggercuse'

Syracuse commit Wayne Williams has a lot of confidence. Despite the early season struggles for the Orange, Williams can't wait to join the squad next season. He spoke to CuseNation.com about a possible visit, and constant communication with the Syracuse staff.

One of the more vocal commits Syracuse has had in recent years, Wayne Williams is a talented defensive lineman. He had to go the junior college route because of academic issues. However, he has studied hard and is now looking towards his career at Syracuse.

"I definitely plan to visit Syracuse. I just got to see a perfect time when Ivan Foy, Brandon Reddish, Wayne Morgan, Terrel Hunt, and Ryan Sloan are free. My big brother Davon Walls is up there now so I'm scratching to get up there."

Williams is still excited about his commitment to Syracuse, despite the early season struggles the 2012 squad has faced. He believes they will turn things around.

"They left a lot of unfinished business in a few games," Williams recalled. "Against USC, which they were mounting a comeback before things got out of hand. Same with Northwestern. I didn't get to see the last game but I thought it was going to be an easy win.

"I think we could have easily been undefeated going into this week. And the USC game could have been that 'welcome back Swaggercuse' game."

The Brooklyn (NY) product attended the Syracuse game against USC and enjoyed the experience. He has a lot of confidence in his New York City guys.

"I loved the USC game," Williams declared. "I had no doubt we were going to win that game. I know what my New York guys are capable of, so I think every game is a win."

Despite receiving a commitment from Williams, the Syracuse staff has not backed off the communication. They want to make sure he stays on track with his grades.

"Yeah Coach (John) Anselmo makes sure I'm good," Williams explained. "He makes sure I'm doing OK in class. He doesn't want me to slip back into my old high school ways. I am very proud to say I have a 3.0."

More good news for Syracuse is the fact that Williams is not playing this year. He is redshirting in order to play an extra year for the Orange.

"I'm redshiring this year," Williams said. "I'd rather have three years at the 'Cuse than two."

Even though he is redshirting, he is still working on his game. But he thinks the biggest improvement will be seen when he can work with the Syracuse staff.

"I try to get comfier every year with my stance so it can be as relaxing as sitting in a chair," he described. "My hand placement is improving also. I don't think my game can improve much more at Asa. I can't wait to go to the 'Cuse to learn more."

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