QB Diaries: Zach Allen Suffers Tough Loss

Zach Allen discusses his team's second loss of the season, how they will respond, and Syracuse's win against Pittsburgh.

Syracuse commit Zach Allen led Temple High into a battle against a top-10 team in the state of Texas. While his team fought hard and kept it close for a half, they ultimately fell short with a dismal second half. Allen breaks it all down with CuseNation.com.

"The first half, both teams started out really hot," Allen recalled. "We went into halftime down 21-20. Down by one. Midway made better second half adjustments than we did I guess. They kind of left us in a daze. They ended up winning 63-20.

"We started well. It was just a lack of focus and lack of execution from all parts. From offense and defense. It was a frustrating loss because we felt we had a really good chance going into halftime."

After putting up 20 points in the first half, Allen's offense was held scoreless in the second half. Allen believes it was a specific adjustment that Temple could not overcome.

"It was a lack of focus and a lack of execution," he claimed. "They ended up dropping eight the whole second half and rushing three down linemen. They were very good and very well disciplined. When you have three guys shutting the run game down it's hard to do anything. I threw my first interception in the second half.

"It was kind of a hard thing because they came right down and scored. Then I came down and threw an interception. They scored four times before we ran five offensive plays. It was a hard thing to start off fast and then not really respond."

In the first half, Allen had 251 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and 52 rushing yards. He was kept in check after that.

Given the blowout loss, Allen is looking to rally his team to come back strong this week. He believes his team will forget this loss quickly and get back on track.

"We watched the game film," he said. "We took some good things from each other. We threw for 300 yards and had over 200 rushing yards. It was just big plays and lack of execution. We're just going to go back to basics. Starting Monday at practice, we're going to really work on execution to refine ourselves and be the team that wants to win the most.

"Go to practice every day, and focus on every rep to get good execution. It's going to be huge. I have to keep everyone mentally focused so we can go down and try to beat our rivals."

Obviously, with Allen playing on Friday, he was not able to watch Syracuse's win over Pittsburgh live. However, he did hear about the win and see highlights. He believes it's the start of a winning streak.

"It was a huge win for Syracuse," Allen declared. "Especially one to get to 1-0 in conference play. That was a really big win for them. They really needed that to rebound from the negative stuff at the start of the year. Now they can get back on track and work towards a Big East championship."

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