Tyler Roberson Enjoys Official Visit to 'Cuse

Tyler Roberson took his official visit to Syracuse over the weekend. He spoke with CuseNation.com about what he did, and the impact it will have on his decision.

Tyler Roberson took his second official visit on Friday and Saturday. His first visit was to SMU on September 27th. This time, he visited Syracuse. He spoke with CuseNation.com about the visit.

"The visit went well," the 4-star forward said. "I got to hang out with the team, talk to the coaches, and see the campus. I got to find out about the academics and what I would want to major in and stuff like that."

On Friday, Roberson spent some time with the coaches and watched Syracuse defeat Pittsburgh. It was an experience he really enjoyed.

"On Friday I met with coach (Jim) Boeheim and spoke with him for awhile," Roberson explained. "I also talked to coach (Mike) Hopkins. I went to dinner with them. I went to the football game right after that.

"We went out to eat Scotch and Sirloin," he continued. "The football game, it was exciting. A couple of the players were there. There were a lot of people there. It was exciting. The fans, you can tell they take their sports serious. It was a great environment."

During his meeting with Boeheim, Roberson said he reiterated things he had mentioned in the past. The relationship he has with Boeheim, is a good one.

"Coach Boeheim, he really just talked to me about the team and stuff," Roberson recalled. "I've already talked to Boeheim a lot. So he just went over a lot of things that we've talked about already. He still let me know what I would do if I went there.

"I feel comfortable with coach Boeheim. I've talked to him a good amount and whenever I talk to him it goes well. He tells me about the school and the basketball program."

On Saturday, Roberson focused on the school and hanging out with the team. Michael Carter-Williams was his host, and he really enjoyed hanging out with Syracuse's new starting point-guard.

"On Saturday, I got to watch a Jerami Grant workout," the Roselle Catholic product explained. "They said I would have a similar workout and everything. I saw him workout for a little while. Then I met with the academic people and a lot of other people.

"Michael Carter-Williams was my host. I met a lot of the players. It was fun hanging out with Carter-Williams. I went to the football game with him. It was fun hanging out with him."

Down to his final six, his visit to Syracuse had a big impact. As he looks toward taking the rest of his visits, it's something that will stay on his mind.

"It has a big impact," Roberson said. "I got to see the campus and what it would be like if I went to Syracuse. I liked it a lot. It was great."

While Roberson says he does not have a leader right now, he said the Syracuse visit will definitely have an impact when he cuts his list further. He could pay the Orange another visit for their midnight madness on October 12th. He said he has not made a final decision on that, however. If he does not attend Syracuse's midnight madness, he will not be attending one this year. Roberson says he still has three official visits planned. He is visiting Kansas on October 19th, Villanova on October 26th, and Kentucky on November 2nd.

After those visits are complete he is planning to cut his list to a top two or top three. A final decision would come shortly after that.

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