Adrian Flemming Ready to Return

Syracuse wide receiver talks to about returning from injury against Pittsburgh.

The deepest unit on the Syracuse football squad is about to dive even deeper into a body of water very few teams can boast of swimming in when quarterback Ryan Nassib gains Adrian Flemming to his receiving core.

The Orange already have deep threats in Marcus Sales and Jarrod West.

Alec Lemon has established trusted hands and also helped to move the chains.

Enter Flemming, who had the best hands of all receivers in Fall camp before going inactive due to injury.

"I feel great coming back…get my opportunities to make plays on the field," Flemming said.

With the ball being spread to at least seven targets in each of the team's first four games, Flemming is coming in at an opportune time to have success.

"I feel very good about that," Flemming shared. "I want my unit to make as many plays as they can, you know. When I get back, I plan on making those same plays."

Add in the fact that there is no film on him this season and little from his career in general and Syracuse potentially gets one more step ahead of opponents' defenses.

"I think that's the best part about it," Flemming expressed. "I wanna be an anomaly. I wanna be the special guy that makes those plays that nobody knows about yet."

But the question arises of how prepared Flemming is after not catching passes from Nassib in the first four contests. However, the receiver is confident thanks to his connection to Nassib on and off the field.

"I mean we just keep our relationship going through practice," Flemming said, as well as "linking up after practice".

Soon enough, Flemming will have an opportunity to translate camp and practice to the field, providing yet another target for Nassib, making a difficult passing attack to defend against even more of a threat to its competition.

Despite the match-up with Pittsburgh being his first game of the season, Flemming is not afraid to aim high, calling himself a "playmaker".

"I'm a possession receiver, so I'll catch anything," Flemming expressed.

He will have his chance to display his talents when his team needs him most, with the Orange opening the doors of their Big East season for a second chance at getting on the right side of the win-loss column in hopes of a postseason birth.

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