Naesean Howard has Early Favorite

Naesean Howard has been putting up monster numbers during his junior year. That production has already led to interest from some BCS schools. After West Genesee's 40-37 loss to Henninger, Howard discussed where his recruiting stands, and an early favorite, with

Central New York is not known as a high school football power. So when there is a legit FBS prospect in the area, he generates a lot of buzz. 2014 running back Naesean Howard fits that mold. After his team's tough loss on Friday, he spoke to about his season and his recruitment.

"We had a good game overall," Howard said. "First half, we always come out sloppy. For some reason we pick it up in the second half. I talked to my team to go hard all four quarters, but we're still working on that."

The loss certainly wasn't Howard's fault. He had well over 200 yards and three touchdowns on the day. It was a performance that he feels went well, but he gives credit to his teammates.

"I think I did alright, overall," the 5-foot-11 running back explained. "It's the same knee that's been giving me problems. I aggravated it in practice, and it's an injury that keeps occurring. I just jog it off and it goes away. 

"I'm not going to talk so much about myself but my team," he continued. "It's a credit to my team. My o-line blocks well. I can't run good if they don't block. I can't get anywhere."

As far as recruiting goes, the West Genesee product has already received one scholarship offer and interest from a couple other schools. The scholarship offer is from a school he's very familiar with.

"I haven't been up to a 'Cuse game this year, because I have film on Saturday," Howard recalled. "I have been to one of their practices over the summer. Syracuse is my favorite team.

"Syracuse is my favorite right now in my recruitment. The only other teams that have contacted me are Nebraska and Utah. It's not like a scholarship or anything. It's a questionnaire for the class of 2014. They wrote me a letter saying they can't really talk to me now but they're going to try to contact me in the future."

Howard says his recruiter at Syracuse is defensive coordinator Scott Shafer. They have a unique way of staying in touch.

"It's the defensive coach, Scott Shafer," he said. "I haven't really talked to him other than the one practice I went to. His son is a good friend of mine through sports. He plays for F-M, and I contact him through his son."

Right now, Howard is focused on his junior season as the sectional playoffs rapidly approach. He is hoping to make his decision before the start of his senior year. 

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