QB Diaries: Austin Wilson Ends Losing Streak

Like Syracuse, East Pennsboro needed a win after some poor performances. Quarterback Austin Wilson made sure that happened in leading his team to a 28-6 victory over Middletown. He spoke to CuseNation.com about the win.

Syracuse commit Austin Wilson called a team meeting after their second straight loss to motivate his team. That meeting worked as East Pennsboro improved its execution in route to a much needed victory.

"We won 28-6," Wilson recalled. "We started off hot right away. We started good. But there was a rain delay with lightning and everything. So that kind of stopped the game for a while right around halftime. 

"I had two passing touchdowns to Sammy Marshall. I had a rushing touchdown as well. Our defense played great again this week."

For Wilson, a defensive effort where only six points are yielded is critical. He says, it makes his job a lot easier.

"It makes life a lot easier when I'm not playing from behind and playing catch-up," the East Pennsboro High product explained. "Our defense was stopping their drives every time."

Another factor in helping their offense improve was a change in personnel in the offensive line. Wilson believes that made a big difference in the protection he received.

"This week we had a different look of a line," he said. "We had a sophomore move up to play guard this week. Our center was sent down to J-V. And that put more bulk in the middle of the line. It gave me more protection this week. It gave me more time to read the defense."

Being a leader, Wilson was proud of the improvements his team made. However, he knows there is still room for improvement.

"I think this week we were much better, like I said, protection wise," Wilson detailed. "We need to start hitting more of the deeper passes. I'm behind a lot on my yards this year compared to last year. But overall, this year, we have a lot more of a running game. Which is good, because we can spread the ball around so teams can't key in on one thing. 

"But for this week, we want to be able to hit more of the deep routes. We play Camp Hill this week. Last year they beat us in an upset. They're a single-A school. We were supposed to beat them by like 35, and they ended up winning 14-13. So we're going to have a little chip on our shoulder this game. Hopefully, we'll go out and beat them."

Syracuse also got back on the winning side of things this past week. For Wilson, it felt good to see them put together a complete performance. 

"Definitely it was nice to see their offense come together this week and put up a lot of points compared to the last couple weeks," the two-star quarterback said. "And against a good UConn team, they played very well. Ryan Nassib keeps putting up numbers each game."

The running game was critical to both Syracuse and East Pennsboro in their victories. As a quarterback, Wilson says a strong running game can be his best friend.

"It takes a lot off my shoulders whenever the running backs start running well," he said. "Like my running back, Chase Shulda, has around 1,000 yards this year already. And Jerome Smith already has a lot of yards and that's taken a lot off of Ryan Nassib. It keeps the defense guessing so they don't know what you're going to do every time."

Wilson said he speaks to Syracuse offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett once a week. They talk about how the team's are doing, and work on developing their relationship.

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