QB Diaries: Austin Wilson Wins Again

A couple weeks ago, Austin Wilson and East Pennsboro were in the midst of a losing streak. However, they have turned things around in recent weeks as they picked up another win this week. Wilson spoke to CuseNation.com about that and Syracuse's big win.

Syracuse commit Austin Wilson held team meetings, met with the coaching staff, and prepared harder to get things turned around after two straight losses. That leadership paid off as East Pennsboro won again this past week.

"It went very well," Wilson said. "We won 70-17. I got pulled midway through the third quarter. Then our JV's came in and they kept putting up points too which is why we put up 70. Some people think our coach kept in our starters. I had four passing touchdowns in the first half and finished with five passing touchdowns. I had a rushing touchdown called back.

"Overall we did very well. Our running back, he had 13 carries for 205 yards. I was 13 of 15 passing for 255 yards and five touchdowns. So overall, we just came ready to play."

During the losing streak, Wilson was frustrated with the lack of offensive production. He worked hard with the coaching staff to get things turned around.

"In the previous weeks, like I said, the offense hasn't been putting up as many points as we should," Wilson explained. "I was able to sit down with the offensive coordinator and we put in some new plays and route combinations. Just so I can have somebody getting to the sticks on third down. Some underneath routes, crossing routes, and things like that. So not everything was going deep.

"That's what teams are primary looking for us to do. This week I was able to look underneath. As you can see from my percentage, I was 13 of 15 with one drop. Just hitting the short routes and taking what the defense was giving me really opened things up."

Wilson says his team is on the outside looking in for the playoffs right now. The district playoffs take the top 16 teams, and they are in 18th place right now at 6-3. They will need to win their last game and get some help, but a playoff berth is still possible.

This week, they play one of the teams ahead of them in the standings. Wilson is preparing for a battle and is hopeful they will come out on top.

"We play Sasquanita this week," he said. "In the past, they've been a team that gets one or two wins a year. Usually it's a padding game where you know you're going to win. But this year, they came out of nowhere. They are 7-2. They lost to our rival who we lost to, Trinity. We lost to them by one and they lost by three. So it's going to be a big game. Hopefully the weather holds off and the field will be alright. It's going to be a fun game."

Wilson spend another weekend at Penn State watching his brother play. However, while he watching the Nittany Lions play Ohio State, he was keeping tabs on the Syracuse game.

"I got to see the end which was the most important part," Wilson recalled. "I was watching it on my phone because I was at Penn State to see my brother. They were showing updates of the score in the stadium. I saw it was 23-3 at the half. I was getting updates on my phone the whole time.

"After the (Penn State) game I was able to watch it. It was one of the best comebacks I've seen. They showed a lot of poise. It's hard not to get down whenever you're down 20. So to come back and win, that shows a lot."

Wilson knows how difficult it is being down by such a large margin. He says, encouragement and positive thinking are the keys to being able to come back.

"I always, when everyone is down, even when I'm coming off to the sidelines, I come over and make sure no one is messing around on the sideline," Wilson detailed. "Like some of the younger guys and that type of deal, especially when we're down.

"I try to make sure everyone is tuned into the game and that we're never out of it. We've had big comeback games in the past and we have the players to always come back. Just try to keep them in tuned and let them know it's never over until it's over."

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