Rysheed Jordan Enjoys Syracuse Official Visit

During their midnight madness, Syracuse hosted several talented prospects. One such prospect was 4-star guard Rysheed Jordan. CuseNation.com spoke to his AAU coach, Kamal Yard, about the trip, where his recruitment stands, and a timetable for his decision.

Syracuse already has three commitments in their 2013 class. However, they are not stopping there. The Orange hosted several elite prospects during their midnight madness, and 4-star guard Rysheed Jordan was among them. It was part of the official visit for Jordan, and CuseNation.com spoke to his AAU coach Kamal Yard about the trip.

"He was up for midnight madness," Yard said. "He's a big time player, big time playmaker, and could fit perfectly with Syracuse and what they have going on there. I think he and Tyler Ennis would be phenomenal in the backcourt together. 

"Mike Hopkins and Jim Boeheim have really dealt with Philly players. They have endeared themselves to Philly as a whole. Because they've dealt with and handled Philly guys that went there so well. That's very important to the Philly basketball players. 

"So Rysheed came up," he continued. "He visited, he enjoyed it. He liked Coach Hop, he liked Coach Boeheim. So now it's really up to him as far as what he wants to do. He's kind of up in the air with that, you know what I mean? I don't think he's remotely close to making a decision yet. But I do think he'll make one by the new year (January 1, 2013)."

Syracuse has a history of recruiting Philadelphia area players and it has worked out well for both sides. Players like Rick Jackson, Scoop Jardine, Dion Waiters, and others have had great careers at Syracuse. That legacy is has an impact on Jordan.

"You talk about a Philly legacy, that's a tribute to Hop and Coach Boeheim," Yard explained. "Because of the guys they had. You've got Scoop and Rick Jackson and Dion, and they took some guys that were obviously some big time players but they took chances on some guys that others didn't want to take a chance on. 

"And then those guys panned out great. And then I think what happened is, basketball wise, I think those guys got great mentorship from Hop and Coach Boeheim. As a result, it's put them in a position where they are in on Rysheed Jordan who's arguable the best point guard prospect that Philly's had in 30 years. All of the kudos should go to Coach Boeheim, Coach Hop, and their staff for what they've done in the Philadelphia area."

One of the concerns with Jordan and fitting with Syracuse is how he would coexist with Tyler Ennis. Coach Yard believes they would fit in well due to Jordan's versatile skill set.

"If he (Jordan) were to decide to got Syracuse," Yard described. "Ennis is more of a pure point. Rysheed Jordan is a point. But it depends on what his day is. That's what's so phenomenal about him. He can be a guard or a pure point. 

"If you want Rysheed to get nine points and 12 assists and 5 rebounds, he can get that. If you want him to get 27 points and 10 rebounds he can get that. So I'm always a firm believer that really good guards find a way to play with each other. And I think Rysheed and Tyler Ennis would find a way to play with each other. Rysheed is a little more aggressive than Ennis. He's obviously much more athletic."

Syracuse is not the only school in on the talented 4-star guard. Right now, several schools are coming after him hard.

"Syracuse has been recruiting him for awhile," Coach Yard said. "The way things are shaping up now, his decision is going to boil down to a school in a four hour radius of Philadelphia. Because he's close to his mother, and he's extremely close to his six or seven younger brothers and siblings. So he's 17, and has six younger brothers and sisters between the ages of 3 and 17. He's kind of like a father to them. So it's going to boil down to a school in that three and a half to four hour radius for the most part.

"He originally was going to take a visit to UCLA but that's been off the board maybe to be rescheduled in the next week or so. He's already visited St. John's, he's already visited Syracuse, he's been to Temple. We're just waiting to sit down with his family in the next week or so to see where he is in terms of his thought process. 

"The list is pretty much the same as it's been," he continued. "I hate saying this because you leave one school out and they call you saying you left them out. But if I'm correct, and in no particular order. It's Syracuse obviously, it's Temple, Rutgers, St. John's, they've been recruiting him heavy. He likes St. John's a lot and gets along well with Steve Lavin. So, Temple, St. John's, Syracuse, Rutgers, and I believe Xavier and UCLA."

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