Syracuse Falls at Cincinnati

Looking for its third straight win of the season, the Orange traveled to Cincinnati. However, penalties, turnovers, and mistakes killed Syracuse as they fell 35-24.

Syracuse opened the first half in about the worst way possible as Jeremiah Kobena fumbled The Opening kickoff. A few plays later, Cincinnati running back George Winn ran it in for a touchdown. Syracuse responded by scoring a touchdown off a Cincinnati punt return fumble as Ryan Nassib sneaked it in out of the tank package.

Cincinnati responded after Ross Krautman gave Syracuse a 10-7 lead. Winn executed a jump pass on a 4th and two, and hit Travis Kelce for a touchdown. Nassib responded with a 90-yard drive after Syracuse forced its third turnover on an Eric Crume forced fumble and recovery. Nassib hit Alec Lemon in the corner of the endzone to give Syracuse a 17-14 lead heading into halftime.

To open the second half, Syracuse and Cincinnati traded touchdowns. With the Bearcats trailing 24-21, Brandon Reddish dropped an easy pick six. On the next Syracuse possession, Nassib was sacked and fumbled. The Bearcats scored a few players to go up 28-24. They extended the lead on another Winn touchdown run.

Missed tackles and penalties killed the Orange all game as the Bearcats ran out the clock to hold on 35-24. Syracuse fell to 4-5 on the season and 3-2 in conference play.

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