QB Diaries: Austin Wilson's Season Ends

Austin Wilson and East Pennsboro did all they could by winning their final game. However, despite a 7-3 record, they missed out on the playoffs. Wilson spoke about that and reflected on his high school career with CuseNation.com.

Syracuse commit Austin Wilson was confident that with a win in their final regular season game, East Pennsboro would make the playoffs. They did their part as they defeated Susquenita 27-13.

"We had a tough game," Wilson said. "We ended up winning 27-13. In the past, they've been a team that's just a tune-up game. We always beat them bad. This year they came out of nowhere and finished 7-3 after losing to us. We really had to give it our all to beat them. We had two late touchdowns in the fourth quarter that sealed it. One by our running back Chas Shulda and the other was a rushing touchdown by me at the end.

"Overall we played great. Our defense had a big task in stopping their big running back that they have. They came to play to stop him. Offensively, our running back had 130 yards rushing. I was 12-20 for 160 some yards and a touchdown. It was good to be diverse in this game and not one sided."

Unfortunately, finishing 7-3 was not good enough to make the playoffs. Wilson and East Pennsboro were disappointed in that result.

"Sadly that was our last game," Wilson explained. "It kind of sucks knowing we finished 7-3, which is a pretty good record. We didn't have the power points to get ourselves in a position to make it. The top 16 teams make it, and we finished 17 or 18 I think. That sucks to end my high school career like that.

"It was kind of weird. We all thought we were going to be in. That's why we didn't expect it be like in the past where we knew we were playing in our last game. We were expecting that if we won we were going to get into the playoffs. So, we won and we were just waiting until we got the call to see if we made it or not. Turns out we didn't make it. You kind of have to deal with that on your own a little bit. I called all my seniors and thanked all my coaches."

In another unfortunate decision, Wilson will not be graduating early and attending Syracuse in the spring semester. That could put him in a disadvantage as Zach Allen is still planning to do just that.

"I won't be able to do that," Wilson said. "My school board not passing a bill to let me through. So I'll be coming up during the normal time in the summer. Until then I want to put on more weight. Right now I'm 200 to 210. I'd like to bulk a little bit to be around like 215 or 220. Then just studying the game and being an overall better quarterback to try to get ready for Syracuse."

Overall, Wilson will look back with positive memories from his career at East Pennsboro. It was a time where he improved as a football player, and allowed him to fulfill a dream playing division one college football.

"I think overall we had a great season," he described. "I had a great bunch of guys to play with. Everybody fought from start to finish every game. We had a few losses, but I still don't understand why that didn't push us higher in the rankings. We lost three games by a combined seven points. Two tough games in a row by one point and then our other loss in week two by five. That kind of stinks.

"Overall, I was very happy with how we played. Finishing 7-3 is nothing to be ashamed of. I feel like I had a very successful career in high school and I'm looking forward to the next level."

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