Leadership Call with Brandon Triche

The senior guard does not have Scoop Jardine in front of him to prevent him from beginning the game on the court. Now it comes down to how he will lead. CuseNation.com talked to Triche about what he took from those that came before.

Along with teammate James Southerland, guard Brandon Triche will have his opportunity to lead the Syracuse Orange men's basketball team this season.

But Triche will be doing it from the backcourt.

Before this season, Triche had Scoop Jardine to open up games and lead the squad. At times, he started over Jardine, but the 2012-13 campaign will be his first season where he will not have someone in front of him to get the game going.

As a member of the first five, Triche looks back to what he gained from Jardine. "From Scoop [Jardine]…just being vocal," Triche said. "Being able to gain trust in all the teammates. I think if I'm able to gain trust, then whatever I say, the team is gonna listen."

Triche has been known to be more of the quiet type, so this is his time to be vocal and it is imperative that he realizes how important that is, as it sounds like he has in the above comment.

Another vital voice in his collegiate career, Triche shared what he took from Kris Joseph. "From Kris [Joseph], he's a guy who said a lot with action," Triche stated. "He's a guy who pulled you to the side and told you little things that need to be said."

Being a player who sets an example by word and by action is essential to becoming a strong leader. In times of need, Triche's tenacity to rebound, attack, and create opportunities has displayed him as a potential leader. Being consistent in this type of play as well as not being afraid to speak up can help raise Triche to the next level.

To attain that level, Triche is looking to be "…a mixture of both of those guys (Jardine and Joseph). I just wanna be able to…tell my teammates positive things. Tell ‘em what I need ‘em to do, or what needs to be said. And also be vocal, and tell ‘em where to go on the court."

How much weight his words will have and how far they will carry is left to be seen, but those waiting to see the Orange will not have too much longer to hold onto their patience. Triche begins his final season with Syracuse, and, thus, his last opportunity to lead the team, on Sunday, November 11th, when the Orange suit up against the Aztecs of San Diego State on the deck of the USS Midway for the "Battle on the Midway".

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