QB Diaries: Zach Allen Misses Playoffs

Zach Allen came back from an injury to play in Temple's final regular season game. The Wildcats needed to win to have a chance to make the playoffs. While they did pull out a win, they missed the playoffs by the narrowest of margins. Allen spoke to CuseNation.com about the win, their season, and Syracuse's big win over Louisville.

When Zach Allen missed Temple's game two weeks ago, he vowed to be back for their last regular season contest. That's exactly what he did leading his team to victory. Unfortunately, however, it was not enough to make the playoffs.

"Last week we played Copperas Cove," Allen recalled. "I sat out that game because of my A/C join tear. Our team ended up losing pretty badly. We lost 51-14. I told the team after that, that I was going to come back no matter what.

"I kept my word and I played the last game. We beat a good Killeen High team 63-56.We had to win by 15 to make the playoffs. Because Parker Heights had lost to Cove. If Heights beat Cove then we were in no matter what. But we didn't win by 15, so we didn't make the playoffs."

While that outcome was certainly not what Temple had hoped, Allen is still proud of what they were able to do in 2012. The Wildcats finished 6-4 in a tough Texas league.

"I was extremely proud, and I told the guys this," Allen explained. "I'm extremely proud. The way they fought all year, especially the last win. 90 yards to go with 3 minutes to beat Killeen. I told them this was it if we wanted to make the playoffs. And they did it. I'm extremely proud of the guys.

"We're going to have a sit down talk on Monday during fourth period. Just have the group together, all the seniors. Just talk about this season and look over everything and how we did. How this brotherhood is going to try to stay together."

The good news for Syracuse fans is that Allen said his injury is progressing, and he should be back to 100% in a few weeks.

Despite that disappointing outcome, Allen's future team had their biggest win in a decade as Syracuse upset Louisville in the Carrier Dome on Saturday. Allen watched the game and was tweeting praises throughout the win. He couldn't be happier with the way the Orange played.

"It's a huge win for Syracuse," Allen said. "Knocking off the number nine team in the nation who was undefeated, it was huge. I think it was the first top-10 win in many years. Those guys came out and played. Ryan Nassib had a great game. Alec Lemon had one of his best nights, a career night, on senior night. That was a huge win for them. Overall, just beating a good Louisville team. A lot of people didn't think it was possible, and they came out and showed it.

"Knowing Ryan Nassib's going to be gone next year. Having a chance to go in and be the starting quarterback at awesome Syracuse University. I know there's great quarterbacks in front of me and another one coming in with me. It's just going to be a great competition and it's going to be a lot of fun. Practicing everyday with great quarterbacks.

"Obviously with the win over the number nine team in the nation who was undefeated," Allen continued. "It was huge for recruiting. I know Louisville takes a lot of Syracuse recruits. And then a lot of Texas boys that I've talked to now they realize what a dominant program Syracuse is. We're just trying to keep it that way, get more recruits down there, and get one of the best recruiting classes we've had in a while."

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