Devan Carter Updates Injury Status

Devan Carter was in the middle of a very productive season when he was struck by the injury bug. He has spent time rehabbing, and spoke to about the latest regarding his ailment.

When Syracuse commit Devan Carter went down with an injury, many Orange fans were concerned about the long-term impact it would have on his abilities. Carter says he is almost back to normal already.

"It's been going fine," he described. "I just got my cast off last Friday. I've got four weeks in a boot just to keep movement to a minimum. I kind of already feel 100%. Just my mom's all worried, you know how mothers are. 

"I feel perfectly fine. I just have to get used to using my leg again. It's a little bit gelatinous compared to the other one. I feel fine. I feel perfectly fine. Like if I needed to run and do five miles tomorrow, I could do five miles tomorrow."

When a prospect suffers an injury, a lot of schools back off especially when that player is committed.  Interestingly, the opposite has seemed to occur with Devan Carter.

"Mostly Rutgers and Buffalo," Carter explained. "They've asked me and offered me. And some D1-AA schools have offered me but that's not happening. I don't like UB that much so I didn't really give them a chance. My sister went there and I didn't really like that much. 

"Rutgers has really cool people. One of my friends goes there. Quentin Gause. So I get to see my friends play and I get to go to games and stuff. So that's cool. And I like their staff. But I'm 100% Syracuse."

Carter will be taking his official visit to Syracuse on December 8th where the staff will look to keep him as a solid commit. Knowing other schools are after him, the Syracuse staff keeps in touch with Carter on regular basis.

"Yeah it's like once a week usually," he said. "They keep in contact. It's Coach Tyrone Wheatley. We just talk about how I'm doing, how school's going. For now, how my injury's going. We used to talk about football and how my season is going. But now it's about the injury and stuff."

As Carter prepares to move towards the next step in his college career, he has come to the realization that he will never play high school football again. While excited about playing for Syracuse, he will miss taking the field with his high school teammates.

"It's a little bitter sweet," Carter said. "I know I'll miss high school football because I like the coaches and my teammates. We had a big thing where we went to one of our team member's houses. We had dinner and played video games and stuff. I'm going to miss things like that a lot. All of the funny things we used to do. 

"I know the football on the field is always going to be the same, when you play hard and stuff. But it's the friends that you know for a long time that you'll never get to play with them again. So that part of it sucks."

That said, Carter has clear goals for his time at Syracuse. He believes he can become a great player by the time his career is over.

"I know I'm going to work hard," Carter declared. "I feel like I haven't reached my potential at all. I haven't gotten my ability to lift where I want it to go. I'm just going to use my time at Syracuse to strengthen myself and my skills to see where I can fit in the program and make a great impact to the team.

"I feel like I can get much stronger. I'm not worried about speed. I think the speed will come with losing body percentage, fat percentage. My speed will come naturally. And then work on my skills as a linebacker."

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