To the Point with Brandon Triche

The Orange guard talks with about his play as well as the rest of the backcourt, someone who has stepped up in the frontcourt, and more, all inside.

Syracuse Orange men's basketball senior guard Brandon Triche led the team in scoring against the Wagner Seahawks with 21 points, but saw where improvement is needed with his game. "I think I did alright, trying to concentrate on just making my open shots," said Triche. "If I'm able to make my open shots, that'll just make the game much easier." Triche missed two lay-ups and four three-point attempts in the game.

He went further, looking at his play as a whole, saying, "Well personally, I just [was] a little bit more patient. Every time I start the game out a little bit nervous, so a lot of times, my first move isn't my best move. So when I adjust a little bit, I'm able [to] better move to the basket. That's pretty much it."

Triche admitted that his efforts are targeted to getting close to the rim and are assisted by how he performs on the defensive end. "Just being able to get to the basket is really helping me out, rebounding as well," Triche shared. "That's why I just be trying to focus on rebounding the ball and trying to get into transition."

Two games into the newly-formed backcourt between himself and fellow guard Michael Carter-Williams, Triche spoke on how he felt the duo performed against Wagner. "We did well," Triche stated. "I probably coulda helped him out a little bit, just bringing the ball up. Him being the only one bringing the ball up sometimes you get tired."

" You get tired, you can't play as good as you can with the same energy, but I think he did well," Triche said of Carter-Williams. "I think [he] struggled a little bit, just trying to find the best way to beat their defense, but once he was able to get comfortable, he registered 11 assists."

Staying in the backcourt, Triche shared his take on the play of Trevor Cooney, who had his home debut at the Carrier Dome in this game. "I'm very surprised at his defensive ability," Triche expressed. "I think he coming in, he's helping out each one of us, Mike (Carter-Williams) and myself as well…He's playing with a lot of energy. He registered six steals…that's great."

According to Triche, Cooney's positive play in the match had a domino effect on his performance against Wagner. "He made it much easier for me to play and he motivated me just to move and play defense better."

Switching his focus to the frontcourt, Triche shared what he has seen from center Baye Moussa Keita. "Just the progression," Triche stated. "He's a guy who's improved. I think a lot of our guys are improved. He's getting better. He work every day. Hop (Coach Mike Hopkins) do a great job with all the bigs, but Baye, especially, he's a guy who know where to be. Even the first few years, he knew where to be, but he finally got a few more points and be able to catch the ball a little bit better."

Put simply, "This year, he's catching the ball, so he's able to put the ball in the basket," Triche said of Keita.

As a team, Triche specified how the Orange were so successful against Wagner. "I think us moving the ball more, getting the defense to run at us, allowed us to drive to open up, allowed us to find open players," Triche remarked.

Syracuse's next opponent are the Tigers of Princeton, of whom the Orange will host at the Carrier Dome at 7pm Eastern on Wednesday, November 21st.

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